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[금주의 디즈니플러스] ‘Secrets of Sulfur Springs Season 3’ at ‘American Born Chinese’

by Pansy Robbins
▣ Completed recording for hotel room 205 where supernatural things are happening! Season 3

Season 3 of , which depicts the story of a family moving into a hotel where supernatural phenomena occur, is looking for subscribers. In this new season, everything happens when you check into hotel room 205. The appearance of mysterious beings threatening the family and the unfolding of uncovering the secrets of the past to change the dark future against them heralds a more thrilling and exciting season. Not only can you meet Preston Oliver, Kylie Curran, and Elle Graham, who directed the previous season, but the actors who have grown over the seasons are also notable.

▣ The 95th Academy swept Yang Kyung and Ki Hoi Quan together again!

Recording a 94% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes and receiving rave reviews, tells the story of an ordinary American teenager who meets a suspicious transfer student and finds himself embroiled in a fateful showdown between two worlds. Destin Daniel Cretton, who has been recognized for his directorial skills by perfectly drawing original action sequences through , participates in the production of the series and raises expectations. Here, Yeo Ji-kyung, who won Best Actress at the 95th Academy Awards, and Ki Hoi Quan, who won Best Supporting Actor, will reunite to show off their bubbly chemistry.

▣ The Kardashian Family Season 3

Season 3 of the Kardashian family reality show , which reveals its unparalleled presence in the world-famous and extraordinarily topical reality show, is back with a more thrilling Maramat. In particular, this season predicts that the more personal everyday lives of Kim Kardashian and her family, who command attention just by their presence, will focus on inner psychology and deepening conflict. The history of the Kardashian family in the spotlight.

▣ A girl disappears in a small town!

which depicts the story of a woman who escaped from a pseudo-group when she was young and relives a nightmare from the past, is raising expectations as a work that will blow away the sweltering heat that began prematurely. is the story of a girl’s disappearance that began in a rural village and events from the past blend together, and will provide breathtaking tension and thrill. Additionally, actress Teresa Palmer, who is familiar to domestic audiences through the films And , will return with honed charm and acting skills to enhance the play’s level of completion. Here, based on the crime novel by JP Pomaré, a writer who has stood out in the crime thriller genre since its inception, invites subscribers to a more solid scenario and dense suspense.

▣ A life that is only seen when alcohol addiction is recognized! Season 2

, which boasts a 98% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes, returns for Season 2. The story of ‘Sam’, who was fired for alcoholism in Season 1, captivated critics and received a big success. In season 2, which will be released this time, the story of going to an alcohol treatment meeting, as well as entering a new job and dating a boyfriend, should elicit strong sympathy from the share of subscribers thanks to the appearance of ‘Sam’, who is still struggling to form a perfect relationship. In particular, Sophia Black-Delia, who played the role of “Sam” and performed with warmth, is expected to win the hearts of subscribers with more powerful charm and beauty.

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