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[김중기의 필름통] New films ‘Mission Possible’, ‘Into the Mirror’, ‘Double Patty’

by Stewart Cole

A scene from the movie “Mission Possible”

Mission Possible

Director: Kim Hyeong-joo

With: Kim Young-kwang, Lee Seon-bin, Oh Dae-hwan

A quintessentially Korean comedy action film that mixes light laughter and moderate action. This is the story of Soo-su ​​(Kim Young-kwang), chairman of Heung-sin-so, who makes everything possible as long as there is a deposit, and Yu Da-hee (Lee Sun -bin), a secret agent in China, working together to make an impossible mission possible. As Chinese weapons are about to be imported into South Korea, Chinese secret agent Yu Da-hee is coming to South Korea to cooperate with the South Korean national intelligence service. The person she met was not an NIS agent, but the chairman of Heungshinso, excellent. Yoo Da-hee mistakenly thinks Soo-soo is an NIS agent and asks for his cooperation. Woo-sun does not hesitate to accept the 10 million won offered by Yoo Da-hee. Will those who defied the seemingly impossible mission for their own circumstances end up solving the case? The sequel to the film is a comedic situation that occurs when two protagonists with different personalities work together. 105 minutes. Audience over 15 years old.

A scene from the movie 'Into the Mirror'

A scene from the movie ‘Into the Mirror’

In the miror

Director: Isaac Ezban

With: Martin Walström, Georgia King

A Canadian sci-fi thriller depicting the process of the protagonists accidentally discovering a parallel world and gradually committing terrible things there. Four young people create a startup that is building a parking app in a house where their owners disappeared two years ago. Investors are informed that the contract will be canceled if the application is not completed within the desired time frame. Desperately, they find a suspicious mirror in the attic and learn that there is another space through the mirror. The mirror was a portal to a parallel world. In addition, you find that the time passes 180 times slower there. Eventually you go to another world and complete the project. The four discover that the world in the mirror is not exactly the same. He even commits the crime of stealing other worlds credit cards from the mirror and stealing their ideas. 104 minutes. Audience over 15 years old.

A scene from the movie 'Double Patty'

A scene from the movie ‘Double Patty’

Double pancake

Director: Baek Seung-hwan

With: Shin Seung-ho, Bae Joo-hyun, Jung Young-joo

A film like ‘mukbang’ which will appease a young soul who has strayed. The ad copy is also “High Calorie Load Movie”. A promising wrestling player Woo-ram (Shin Seung-ho) goes through a crisis due to the death of another athlete and leaves the ssireum board. Hyeon-ji (Bae Joo-hyun), an aspiring presenter, spends a day frantically trying to make his dream come true, but he feels he is getting further and further away from his dream. It tells the story of two young people who give each other strength and comfort after a hard day. At the center of it, delicious food fills the screen and stimulates the audience’s salivary glands. A variety of foods such as jjajangmyeon, jeyuk-bap, and tuna-don are available, as well as double patty burgers, steamed fish stew, and a pot of offal. Singer Irene (Bae Joo-hyun) screen debut. Shin Seung-ho, who worked as a footballer for 11 years, plays Kang Woo-ram in a unique way. 107 minutes. Audience over 15 years old.

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