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[델리] Bollywood’s backlash

by Pansy Robbins

The recent success of local films in India’s theater district is led by , a Kannada film directed by, written by and starring Reshav Shetty. Bollywood has not stood still. Yesterday, , a crime thriller starring Devon, responded to the success of local films and delivered a Bollywood backlash. If you are a representative actor who deserves the Perfect Attendance Award with Akshai Kumar, you cannot leave out Yeaday Devn. kept the pride of Continuing from the previous film, the film depicts a father’s struggle to protect his family who have been unwittingly embroiled in a crime.

One thing to note is that this movie is a Bollywood remake of a local movie. As (2015), a remake of the 2013 Malayalam film of the same name, is a remake of the 2021 Malayalam sequel. In 2013, the original local film was dubbed into 4 languages ​​including Hindi, and was remade in China under the title , the first Indian film to do so. As in the previous film, the role played by Mohanlal in the original film was taken over by Yesday Devn in Bollywood. It’s the audience’s choice if they prefer Mohanlal or Yesday Devn, but it’s rated that there is no actor with a higher sync rate than Devn.

During this time, is also in the mood to work in India. He has already succeeded in succeeding which was the best film of the year, and stands neck and neck with Indian films representing 2022, such as , And < Drisham 2>. Here, a week apart, the Bollywood comedy presented a challenge, and even moviegoers predicting a landslide victory for can’t help but pay attention to director Rohit Shetty and lead actor Ranbir Singh. The film tells the story of two identical twins, Roy and Joy, who were adopted into different families. Roy 1 and Joy 1, who grew up as circus men, communicate with Roy 2 and Joy 2, who grew up in wealthy families. However, seems to be struggling to achieve box office success with the electric spectacle of . While people are curious to know what kind of movie will decorate India’s New Year’s Eve, it’s news that Shah Rukh Khan is expecting next January with Deepika Padukone and John Abraham holding the action flick. spying “Patan”. It is finally the return of the king.

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