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[추모] Jean-Marc Valle, director of ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ and ‘Wild’, dies at 58

by Pansy Robbins

“We have lost one of the greatest and purest artists and dreamers.” (Actress Laura Dern) On December 27 (local time), director Jean-Marc Valle was found dead at her home outside Quebec, Canada. 58 years old. The cause of death turned out to be a heart attack. After the movies , and director Jean-Marc Valle is gradually expanding his field by directing and in the recent HBO series. He was to participate as director and executive producer of another series of , but his new project was put on hold due to sudden news. HBO expressed condolences to his family and producing partner Nathan Ross, saying, “Director Jean-Marc Valle was 100% dedicated to the film and had a phenomenal talent for bringing emotional truth to every scene.”

tell the truth naturally

Director Jean-Marc Valle has made a name for himself with the in 2014, but his career as a director dates back to the 1980s. Born in Montreal, Canada in 1963, Jean-Marc Valle majored in film production at the University of Quebec and began working on video productions in 1985, making music videos for bands such as Park Avenue and Wild Touch. In 1992, his short film wins one of the biggest film festivals in Canada, and his first feature film, , released in 1995, was nominated in 9 categories at the Genie Awards, Canada’s representative film awards ceremony. Produced on the basis of their childhood with friend and co-screenwriter François Boulet, CLIG has become one of the most successful films in Quebec history, winning the Toronto City Award at the Toronto International Film Festival this year. -the. With achievements large and small, Jean-Marc Valle has quickly established himself as a ‘director to watch’. It caught the attention of director Martin Scorsese and producer Graham King, and with their suggestion he took the megaphone from , which depicts the life of Queen Victoria. After which he wrote and directed, he directed based on the true story of Ron Woodroof, who was sentenced to death due to AIDS in 2014. had the honor of riding at

Director Jean-Marc Valle was famous for his love of naturalistic cinema. He preferred the shooting technique of capturing natural light with a handheld camera rather than artificial lighting, and instead of rehearsing, this formed a place where the actors could perform freely without being bound by the script and the place. In this sense, was a work that went well with his working method. To portray Cheryl Strayed’s trek after her mother’s death, Jean-Marc Valle traveled with Reese Witherspoon as Cheryl and the Pacific Crest Trail, a popular trekking spot on the West Coast of the United States. It was the director’s idea that Reese Witherspoon go on a trip without makeup. Colleagues who have worked with him agree that Jean-Marc Valle “brought out the best in those who worked together in this way”. Director Jean-Marc Valle recalled in an interview, “I didn’t want to make an honest, realistic story that was too unnatural.” The fact that , and which are based on a true story, particularly resonated with audiences, is proof that the director’s method of directing, who believed that “this freedom would add weight to the narrative, the emotions and the characters” , has succeeded.

tribute to strong women

Director Jean-Marc Valle, who directed after switched to CRT while making in 2017. Many people had doubts about it, but he replied that “from framing to how he uses music and silence”, he said that movies and dramas are a medium that has no not much difference. Director Jean-Marc Valle, who won 8 Emmy Awards for has proven himself as a creator capable of achieving long-distance works with smoothness and firmness.

His particularity, which stands out even more when he makes a series, is that he focuses on female stories. After dealing with stories of women such as and , he called himself a “lucky director” and said, “I’m not afraid of smart, strong women. We need to create a space where they can feel comfortable and respected. For director Jean-Marc Valle, this space was of course his own film. In an interview after the release of he said: “I felt that Cheryl’s mother and my mother, who were positive in every way despite the difficulties, were similar.

Director Jean-Marc Valle didn’t take his eyes off the characters as they struggled to cope with the heavy burden. Zachary Valeu, the main character of the film , struggles against homophobia between a conservative father and four brothers, and ends up going on a pilgrimage. Reminds me of Cheryl in , who goes on a hike after losing his mother. Davis of does everything possible to endure the vacancy of his wife, who died in an accident, and the women of and also heal their wounds based on the murder case in the village. Ron from , who claims the right to self-prescribe for AIDS, defies adversity in the most aggressive way. Director Jean-Marc Valle said: “I am fascinated by the stories of myself and those struggling to find their own happiness.” While “attempting to expose the flaws and imperfections of human nature” but “without romanticizing life” (actor Matthew McConaughey), his films calmly depict a life that is neither beautiful nor perfect in every moment. His characters, complete with realistic writing, stand by our side as a great consolation.

Director Jean-Marc Valle left too soon, but as his producing partner Nathan Ross says, “It’s comforting to know that his influential works still exist around the world.” We pray for the rest of director Jean-Marc Valle, who saw the world through his own clear eyes.

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