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12 Films Selected For Busan International Film Festival ‘Korean Cinema Today-Vision’ Released

by Pansy Robbins

12 Films Selected for ‘Korean Cinema Today-Vision’ Released at Busan International Film Festival

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Reporter Lee Ja-young [email protected]

Section presenting the latest independent films
Diversity, originality and creativity

The movie ‘The House of Vinyl’. Provided by BIFF

The Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), which will open on October 5, has unveiled 12 selected films from “Korean Cinema Today – Vision”, a section that discovers independent films and new directors.

“The Vision of Korean Cinema Today” is a section that introduces the latest Korean independent films with excellent work and produced new talented directors at the same time. It is assessed that the films screened this year also demonstrated diversity, originality and exceptional work. It covers a variety of genres, from social dramas, which were usually strong, to silent films, stop-motion animations, thrillers, growth plays and fables. The diversity of styles and forms dealing with materials and subjects is also remarkable.


Movie “Birth”. Courtesy of BIFF

First, director Yoo Ji-young’s “Birth” captures the close observation of a writer and his lover who face conflict and rift in life due to an unexpected pregnancy. Director Seong-bin Byun’s “Peacock” shows the various disturbances, misunderstandings and understandings that transgender and dancer Hae-jun experiences in his conservative hometown with a playful brushstroke.

The film

The movie “Peacock”. Provided by BIFF

Director Lee Ha-ram’s “Journey” is an extraordinary film in which a poor boy follows a virgin ghost on a journey through hell. Director Yoon Ji-hye depicts a strange night of dreams where reality and film are connected like a Mobius strip through “When the Long and Uninteresting Movie Comes to an End”.

The film

The movie “You and me”. Provided by BIFF

‘You and I’ is a work directed by Jo Hyun-cheol, which miraculously captures the love and adventures of two high school girls on the eve of a school trip, like a waking dream or a vague deja vu. Director Im Seung-hyeon’s “Water Scale” is the story of a grandmother who goes through a period of loss after the death of her granddaughter and a daughter who grieves after losing her granddaughter. daughter.

The film

The movie “The Big Sleep”. Provided by BIFF

Director Lee Sol-hee’s “Vinyl House” captures the fate of a woman who has fallen into a vortex after a tragic high-tension incident. “Big Sleep,” directed by Kim Tae-hoon, is a moving story of sympathy and coexistence between a brutal but warm-hearted man and a lonely boy on the run.

Animation 'Mother Earth'.  Provided by BIFF

Animation ‘Mother Earth’. Provided by BIFF

A thrilling stop-motion animation in which a brother and sister from the Tundra Yates tribe embark on an adventure in search of a red bear, the spirit and owner of the land, director’s “Mother’s Land” Jay Park was also named in the shortlist selection. ‘The Star of Ulsan’ is directed by Jeong Ki-hyuk, who calmly embraces the complex and complicated life of the protagonist, who worked for a long time in a shipyard after losing her husband.

The movie 'Star of Ulsan'.  Provided by BIFF

The movie ‘Star of Ulsan’. Provided by BIFF

Director Hee-Young Cho’s “The Land of Connecting” delicately depicts the psychological landscape of meeting and parting, with two lovers living abroad as the main characters. Director Ki Mo-tae’s “Paperman” presents a bizarre fable about capital and the food chain through the story of a man forced to live under a bridge after being evicted.

A total of 12 selected films will be judged and will receive the △Korea Film Directors Guild Megabox Award △CGV Arthouse Award △KBS Independent Film Award △Aurora Media Award △Critic B Award △Watcha Award △Citizen Critics Award △Actress of the Year Award. . The Citizen Critic of the Year Award is sponsored by Johnnie Walker.

This year, the Busan International Film Festival will be held at the Seoul Cinema Center from October 5 to 14.

Reporter Lee Ja-young [email protected]

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