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5 actors who have to shout Mario instead of Chris Pratt in the new movie Super Mario Bros.

by Stewart Cole

It’s only been a few months since Nintendo announced the casting of Mario, and many people are still waiting for it to be revealed that the whole thing was a hoax.

The promise of a new animated film for this Nintendo icon, his family and friends is something we have to wait for and fans were looking forward to seeing who would take on the role of the eponymous character. Then we found out that it was Chris Pratt, and the whole Internet collectively hit so hard that it shocked the whole Web.

Pratt is a good actor and a bona fide Hollywood star, but his strange casting is completely out of place and the internet rejected him immediately. Nintendo shows no signs of renewal, but if they did, there are many other actors that would be a better choice.

Just as Sonic was forced to redesign after fan reactions, perhaps this bad casting decision could change, and if Nintendo decides to do so, it ‘s better to call these men’ s agents.

For the record, don’t expect to see Bob Hoskins on this list.

How about replacing one Guardians Of The Galaxy MCU star with another? This is definitely more appropriate for the role and is universally loved by the public, so it would be much more likely to stick with the red-clad plumber.

John C. Reilly had a great career, thanks to his look and demeanor. She is very prone to stealing the show in comedy movies (Step Brothers / Talladega Nights). He was notable even in dramas (Magnolia / Stan and Ollie), but his most important credential for this role is definitely his iconic series as the Wreck-It-Ralph title.

Not only does Riley have the experience of expressing a cartoon character living in a video game world, but he also has a warm and recognizable voice that makes all of his characters look lovable and fun. It would be great to see the same treatment in Mario, as fans could get a healthy and somewhat paternalistic version of the Nintendo mascot.

In addition, the actor has a bad sense of humor and great comic timing, so you better believe he had hit the comic notes like Mario on the head of a Goomba.

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