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[6월 셋째 주] latest movie news

by Pansy Robbins

Good morning. Here is Cine Lab, a web magazine specialized in film/OTT curation 🙂

This week’s Cine News has been prepared with various news from home and abroad!

So, let’s take a look at the problems that existed? !

Ryan Gosling X Margot Robbie visiting Korea in July

Warner Bros. Korea Ltd.

Warner Brothers Korea, the distributor of the film “Barbie”, announced on the 13th that director Greta Gerwig, who directed the film, and actors Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling and America Ferrera will travel to Korea on July 2 to digest the two promotional calendar days.

The movie “Barbie” Barbie lives in “Barbieland” where she can be anything she wants.discovers a crack in the entrance leading to the real world, and KenIt’s a story that unfolds as you embark on an unexpected journey.

 Exceeded 8 million, expected to reach 10 million

Avio Entertainment, Plus M Entertainment

Crime City recorded 8 million viewers in 14 days after its release.Sin City 2> is about 4 days faster than the speed of mobilizing 8 million viewers on the 18th day of release, and at this speed, the breakthrough of “Ssangcheonman” series is expected to be achieved this weekend.

Byung-Hun Lee X Seo-Jun Park X Bo-Young Park pre-sold in 152 countries worldwide

Lotte Entertainment

“Concrete Utopia,” a new work from Climax Studio, a production company that built original worldviews such as “Hell” and “DP,” has been pre-sold to 152 countries around the world.This includes not only European countries like France and Italy, but also Asia, including Japan and India, as well as South America like Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.

Suspicion of box office rating manipulation Multiplex/distributor confiscated and raided

On the 13th, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Corruption and Public Crime Investigation Team sent investigators to search and seize six venues, including three multiplexes including Megabox, CGV, and Lotte Cinema, and three distributors including Showbox, Lotte Entertainment and Kidari Studio. . They are accused of fabricating box office rankings by wrongly counting the number of viewers and interfering with the work of the Korean Film Council.Police opened an investigation when a complaint was made earlier this year, and recently To promote the film, the distributor is suspected of having falsely inflated attendance figures with the three multiplex companies by purchasing a large number of early morning theater tickets.

North American box office sluggish

The Walt Disney Company Korea

The North American box office predicted that the first-week box office performance of “Elemental” would be the worst opening in Pixar history. Pixar recently laid off 75 employees to compensate for poor performance.

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