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8 video games that should be movies

by Stewart Cole

As the video game budget grows almost to the level of Mr. Creosote in the current season, the same goes for their ambitions. As time goes on, many video games have been mined deep into the realm of “cinema” in the hope that they will be considered “art” along with their counterpart on the silver screen.

That means focusing on deeply emotional narratives, complex arcs of characters that feel believable and trustworthy, and of course a metrical drop in money to developers to make video game projects look like movies.

It’s a journey that seems almost weird looking back to where the middle was in the 80s and 90s, where coin collecting, hunting, a text display explaining the story (if you’re lucky) were considered the norm, especially now that we have game trilogies that have a constant narrative or are created so intricately that you have to applaud the writers and artistic directors who created something so beautiful.

However, in some cases, video games probably go a little beyond their cinematic pursuit and undoubtedly offer little real play to speak of, and in these cases we all raise our hands and say, “So why weren’t you just a movie?”

With the Bondi team immersing a significant portion of its budget in new face-to-face technology to bring its lofty vision of “being able to lie”, significant pressure was exerted on LA Noire to deliver criminal capers during release.

And in this area, it went very well.

However, while the search for facial ticks and sweaty eyebrows was a new and interesting feature, the rest of the title seemed like a heavy burden to keep up with, as quarrels often felt awkward and the world around you was empty and empty for anything really interesting to do. This is an omnipotent shame because the story presented here is really one of the ages and fits perfectly with the Noire movie genre.

It has everything, corrupt cops, murders, scandals and tragedies, all of which would make a hell of a movie without any of the pointless downtime on quiet roads at a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour. Hell, you hired actors for this game and then digitized them with difficulty, so why not use the exact same cast and make a big budget movie?

I probably would not have had such a big controversy with Rockstar and their critical culture!

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