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Alanna Panday and her fiancé Ivor McCray reveal why Ananya Panday did not attend their engagement party | Bollywood

by Joe Bourn

Alanna Panday and her fiancé Ivor McCray answered many of their fans’ questions in a new video on their YouTube channel. They also revealed whether they will be settling in India and talked about why Alanna’s cousin actress Ananya Panday did not attend her engagement party. They also answered a question about who will get married first – Ananya or Alanna’s troublemaker, Ahaan Panday. (Read also | Alanna Panday’s fiancé Ivor jokes he’s having beers with Shah Rukh Khan, calling himself a “big fan of Salman Khan”. Watch)

In the video, when asked why Ananya Panday did not come to her engagement, Ivor said: “She made a movie.” Alanna added, “She was shooting for her film. Her whole family came, Rysa, my aunt and uncle were there. I just could not have it. I just know how important this film was to her, so I fully understand that I had to go for it “.

In it, Ivor asked Alanna if they had to reveal the real reason, for which he joked that it was a big quarrel with Ananya. “We shouted at each other. And I was like I was not coming to our wedding.” Alanna laughed and said that people “love to think that”.

One person asked when their families would meet. Alanna and Ivor said that although they have been together for two years, their families have not met yet. Alanna said, “My mom said she would come here in April and we would meet your family. Our extended families will meet at the wedding, I guess.”

When asked if they would settle in India, Alanna said, “Probably not, we will always have two houses. Our base will always be here.” Ivor added: “Maybe we could have a house there in Goa.”

About who will get married first, Ananya or Ahaan, both said it would be Ahaan. Alanna said, “He is romantic at heart. Girls, when Ahaan falls in love he will love you forever.”

Alanna and Ivor got engaged in Mumbai last November. Sharing many photos from the occasion on Instagram, Alanna had written: “So happy to have a small engagement ceremony in India with our close friends and family before returning to Los Angeles today! @Ivor.” Many celebrities such as Bipasha Basu, Lara Dutta, Sohail Khan, Nirvaan’s son, sister Alvira and mom Salma Khan were part of the celebrations.

In November, Ivor proposed to Alanna in the Maldives. Sharing photos on Instagram, Alanna wrote: “Thank you for cooking Indian food for me when I was away from home, thank you for making me laugh when I felt low, thank you for showing me how to love unconditionally. You are my perfect other half and I love you more and more every day, Ivor “.

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