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Algeria’s first feature-length animation screened at the Red Sea Film Festival

by Stewart Cole

AlgeriaKhaled Chiheb’s (AKA Vynom) first animated film ‘Khamsa – The Well of Oblivion’, the story of an amnesiac boy who wanders through a strange land, will make its Middle East premiere in Saudi Arabia. Red Sea Film Festival as part of the festival’s new New Vision section.

Produced by Algeria’s D-Click Production, the story opens a window into Algerian culture. It follows an amnesiac boy named Adi who wakes up to find himself in a dark well. After stumbling upon a giant underground temple and finding two strange creatures, he tries to regain his memory. To do this he is forced to pass through the Door of Oblivion.

Other items from the region in this section dedicated to fresh, eye-opening images, most of which are documentaries, include Moroccan filmmaker Adnane Baraka’s long-form doc, “Fragments from Heaven,” about two men—one is nomad, the other scientist. – who comb the Moroccan desert for its recurring meteorite stones. Lebanese director Nadim Mishlawi’s After the End of the World, a personal look at Beirut and the city’s many scars. Fellow Lebanese director Karim Kesem’s “Octopus,” about the aftermath of the devastating Beirut harbor explosion in 2020. and the world premiere of “Lost Treasures of Arabia: The Ancient City of Dadan,” about an ancient city in Alula, a large area of ​​the Saudi Arabian desert.

Rounding out the selection is Canadian documentarian Jacquelyn Mill’s Geographies of Loneliness, an immersion into the rich landscapes of Sable Island, off the coast of Nova Scotia. British director Mark Jenkin’s horror film Enys Men is set on a remote island in 1973, where a wildlife volunteer finds her reality beginning to turn into a nightmare. and Anders Emblem’s Norwegian drama A Human Position, about a young journalist who finds new meaning in her life when she tries to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of an asylum seeker.

The second edition of the Red Sea Festival will be held in Jeddah from December 1-10.

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