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Ali Fazal speaks for the first time that he works in the genre of science fiction Bollywood

by Stewart Cole

Ali Fazal’s wait for one of the genres that has not worked in the past has come to an end, as the actor will appear as a man of space in a science fiction film, for which he recently returned with a highly specialized crew.

Actor Ali Fazal has been involved in many interesting works belonging to different genres in Bollywood and abroad. From thrillers to drama and action, he has done almost everything. But the actor says there is still a long list of things he has not touched on yet. And he eagerly awaits them to come his way.

“There are many species that I have not touched on yet. Even within a single species, there are so many permutations and combinations. I think as actors it is difficult to satisfy us. Comedy is something I really love. Our lives are full of this. This is something I have not done yet. “I do not mean silly comedy, but a clever one,” he says.

Aside from the comedy, his wait for one of the genres he has never worked on is over. Fazal, 35, will be portrayed as a space man in a science fiction film, for which the actor recently returned with a specialized crew.

“It’s something I haven’t dealt with before … it was more like an experiment to try to do it, too, in some very unlikely circumstances. But, this is a surprise for later. We tried to fit a big idea into these frames, I hope people like it because if they do, we’ll go five steps further into the unknown and start shuffling the rest of this movie – yes, there may be editions left for projection “, shares about his upcoming work, but cleverly keeps most of the information hidden.

Balance the shot for it along with Khufiya , directed by Vishal Bhardwaj. Returning to work amid a pandemic, Fazal explains, “We have all found ways to work during the pandemic. Working for Khufiya it was interesting. It was my first movie after the pandemic, so I’re still looking forward to it. There is so much more to shoot, I take a break for something I have to go back to India. I will rebuild it and reorganize with everyone “.

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