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Amitabh Bachchan reacts when Aamir Khan cries when he sees Jhund: “He has a habit of getting too excited” | Bollywood

by Stewart Cole

Amitabh Bachchan reacted to Aamir Khan’s indiscriminate praise for his latest release, Jhund, with a remark on his cheeks. Having seen the film in a special screening last week, Aamir had called it “one of Amitabh’s best films” and was seen wiping tears from his face after seeing the film. In a recent interaction, Amitabh thanked Aamir but laughed at the praise as Aamir’s “over-enthusiasm”. (Read also: Aamir Khan left with tears in his eyes watching Amitabh Bachchan’s Jhund: “It breaks what we have learned over the last 20-30 years.” I’m watching)

Aamir Khan had screened the film in a special pre-release screening by the producers. In a video posted by T-Series on YouTube, the actor was seen praising the film. “What a movie. My God. Bohut hi behtareen film hai (It’s an amazing movie),” he said. He was then seen wiping his tears with the sleeves of his shirt as he applauded standing up. Aamir also praised Amitabh’s work on the film, saying, “What a job he has done! He has made great films in his career. But this is one of his best films. One of his best films.”

Reacting to this in a recent interview with Bollywood Hungama, Amitabh joked, “Aamir always has a habit of being overly excited,” before adding, “But thank you for that. I guess Aamir has always been a very good movie reviewer. deeply obliged to have said such good words about the film “.

The veteran actor added that in his opinion, the real people who deserve praise for Jude were his teammates. In the film, Amitabh plays soccer coach Vijay Barse, who inspired slum kids to start the game. Many of the actors who play the footballers in the film are first-time actors from slums. Amitabh said, “But really commendable part of the film is the young people who played in it – the boys from the slum. They were absolutely great in terms of their talent. They were so natural.”

Jhund, directed by Nagraj Manjule, was released in theaters on March 4. Although the film has been praised by critics, it has failed to spark box office, with collections ranging from disappointing to mediocre in various areas.

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