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Aneek Chaudhuri: Working with Pawan Chopra was a learning experience Bengali cinematic news

by Joe Bourn
Calcutta-based director Aneek Chaudhuri recently completed filming in Hindi starring Bollywood actor Pawan Chopra. Usha Banerjee, last seen in Aneek’s award-winning film ‘Jharokh’, plays the lead role in this experimental film. The shooting took place mainly in Calcutta earlier in February this year.

The movie “The Tale Of A Santa And His Moth” revolves around the equation between an unmarried father and his sick daughter. the story of a Santa Claus and his mole comments on the war that takes place inside the body of a sick person and relates it to the war that he is waging on us. In simpler words, the film makes a statement of peace. The widowed father was once married to an Anglo-Indian lady and later discovered his parallel (homosexual) sexuality. While Pawan Chopra impersonates the father, Usha Banerjee impersonates her sick daughter.

Asked if this film looks at war and peace from a different perspective, Aneek explains: “In my opinion, war comes from the ego and the ego comes from fear and insecurity. The weakest people choose methods to hide their weaknesses. the strongest choose less violent forms to exercise their views. Exercising power is also an issue. “I will prefer peace through my art forms to the spread of hatred.”

Pawan Chopra, best known for films such as “Shershah”, “Saand ki Aankh”, “Dil Dhadakne Do” and the popular “Family Man” series, first collaborated with Aneek. The young director describes it as “a learning and enjoyable experience”.

Aneek adds, “Pawanji and I had only met on virtual platforms before, and filming was our first physical encounter. We had similar tastes in cinema and we loved each other’s works. He was always on paper for such a collaboration. The most important thing is that he is a dear person and actor of the director “.

Speaking about the protagonist in his film, Aneek shares, “Usha and I were involved from the beginning and it is very emotional that it belongs to us. It had a very good performance and on the whole, its full support was really useful “.

“The Tale Of A Santa And His Moth” is set to premiere at an international film festival and then the director intends to make it available for public screening.

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