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Another new transformation is reportedly happening in the new movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

by Stewart Cole

Several months ago, it was revealed in a trailer for the upcoming movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, that Piccolo would present a new transformation. This was particularly unique as it was traditionally the Saiyan, not the Namekians, who transformed to increase their levels of power. The Namekian way of growing usually involves a form of fusion that is permanent.

According to those who saw Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero during its recent midnight screening in Japan, Piccolo is clearly not the only character with a brand new makeover. Please note that there will be spoilers for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero listed beyond this point.

Towards the end of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Gohan is confronted by a known enemy. Like Frieza in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, this familiar enemy seems to have become much stronger since the last showdown.

This is where Gohan can step into a form he has never seen before … normally. Ironically, fans have been talking about this form of Gohan for several years.

By activating this form, Gohan’s hair becomes white or silver. His hair is also noticeably long, but perhaps not as long as the SSJ3 Goku’s hair. Finally, the irises of Gohan’s eyes turn red.

While this form is active, Gohan is surrounded by a blue and red aura that sometimes overlap to turn purple. Indeed, the similarities between Goku’s Ultra Instinct format are very obvious.

For many years, fans have created a form for Gohan where his hair turns white as a transformation. Many referred to this meme and metamorphosis as “Gohan Blanco”, with “blanco” being the Spanish word for “white”.

However, it seems that the official name of this form may be called “Final Gohan”. This seems to be the most powerful figure Gohan has ever achieved.

Similar to the way Gohan first achieved Super Saiyan 2 to beat the Perfect Cell on Dragon Ball Z, this form obviously required a specific “trigger”. History began to repeat itself after the Transfiguration.

Instead of killing the enemy with a Kamehameha, Final Gohan was obviously capable of launching a Special Beam Cannon as his final move. Maybe Gohan is keeping up with his training from the Tournament of Power Saga.

At the moment, it is speculated that the development for Dragon Ball FighterZ is complete, except for an equilibrium patch that will most likely be for Lab Coat Android 21. However, given the success of Dragon Ball FighterZ, we will probably see a follow-up to some day.

As recent movies have tended to make many references to Dragon Ball FighterZ (see Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta and Super Broly), it is likely that “Final Gohan” could be played in the future.

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