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Anya Taylor-Joy Gets Roasted After New ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Trailer

by Stewart Cole

The biggest pain point for the majority The movie Super Mario Bros was the choice for Chris Pratt as the title character, but the internet may have found a new public enemy number one in the voice.

She may be a modern critical darling, but the masses aren’t sold on Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach. The Battle of the Queen The star has had an extraordinary few years since his breakthrough appearance The witchbut she failed to convince fans that she is the right woman for Peach’s job.

The overwhelming reaction is that it feels undercooked and completely lacking any kind of personality. Voice acting is all about using your voice beyond its normal everyday use and taking advantage of a gift you don’t necessarily have. Taylor-Joy’s voice for Peach is basically just her voice with a very slight shake. It’s a far cry from the spirited vocal performances of past actresses like Jen Taylor, Jeannie Ellis or Tracey Moore.

Fortunately for Taylor-Joy, there’s still plenty of attention paid to Pratt’s Mario voice, which seems just as uncharismatic. The trailer certainly tries hard not to have Pratt say much in it, almost certainly a result of the outcry from the last trailer. Taylor-Joy gets most of the voice acting and it’s almost like the marketing team did it to get away from Pratt.

Considering how strong Taylor-Joy’s filmography is and her status as one of the best up-and-coming actresses of her generation, it’s hard to see people remembering her role too strongly in Super Mario Bros. The movie isn’t out yet, but even in the trailer for something like that The New Mutantsyou get more of a sense of her talent.

The movie Super Mario Bros is scheduled for release on April 7, 2023.

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