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Batman’s Paul Dano talks about his “Very Intense” costume in the new DC movie

by Stewart Cole

It’s been a long time since we saw Riddler in a live-action movie, with Jim Carrey previously bringing the character to life in 1995 Batman forever. Well, anyone who has seen their trailers Batman he knows it PrisonersPaul Dano will play a very different version of Riddler in Matt Reeves’s film. First, this treatment of Caped Crusader’s opponent will not be wearing his traditional green t-shirts, but something more homely that Dano found to be intense.

In a recent interview, Paul Dano talked about how much he likes this Batman it is also “grounded and large”. In his case, the former is covered by Matt Reeves based in part on Riddler in The Zodiac Killer, while the latter of course comes with a draw from the original Batman material, as well as Dano letting his “imagination react to the script” . This balance is also represented through Riddler’s clothes, with the actor saying Empire:

The suit was very intense. I think the potential DIY element you’re talking about was actually more scary to me than the more sophisticated or complex designs we could play with. I found that working with the costume was very strong. When you put something like this, there is a way to let it talk to you and say something to your body. There is a way to let it have its own life.

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