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Ben Affleck talks about the new movie “The Tender Bar”

by Stewart Cole

Oscar winner Ben Affleck could add a Golden Globe to his awards for his performance in the new drama “The Tender Bar,” which begins airing on Amazon Prime this Friday.

Affleck is nominated for “Best Supporting Actor” for his portrayal of Uncle Charlie, a wise mentor who gives advice to his nephew.

FOX 32 Entertainment reporter Jake Hamilton spoke with Affleck about his performance and mentoring role – and by 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of “Good Will Hunting,” raised the late Robin Williams and how much his very mentor was as a young actor.

“That’s a very nice question,” Affleck said. “I loved Robin. He was the first person I really met or knew who was famous. We just wrote this movie and it was amazing that Robin Williams – who was probably the biggest star at the time was in the movie and… did so much. a lot about us, believing in us and making this film, as well as how warm and wonderful and kind he was and collaborated “.


Affleck added: “I just thought, ‘If THIS guy can do it, be polite and cooperate and care about people and listen to them… Sure I can.’

“The Tender Bar,” directed by George Clooney, begins airing on Amazon Prime on Friday.

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