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Bollywood makes a stop in Yadkinville

by Joe Bourn

Sierra Winters and Anshuman Jha

Last month a Yadkinville woman married her “star” — a Bollywood actor — at her family’s home after a two-year delay due to the pandemic. Sierra Winters, a graduate of Forbush High School and a 2021 Robertson graduate of Duke, met her husband Anshuman Jha in Dharamshala, India.

Jha, from Mumbai, India, is an actor and producer. The latest film ‘Hyena’ (India’s first film on an animal vigilante) is set to release in December. Jha’s other recent lead roles include ‘I Am Alone, So Are You…’ (2021) and ‘Midnight Delhi’ (2018).

The wedding took place in Winter’s family’s backyard on October 29. She was transported to her son-in-law by rowing in a lake. Her father Sam Winters and mother Julie then walked her down the aisle.

In a report on the weddings in the Hindustan Times, Jha said: “Sierra always dreamed of an autumn wedding, Sam (her dad) always dreamed of rowing her across the lake, my mum’s dream was to see me married. I have always wanted to find a partner who inspires me. Many dreams came true that day, and I’m sure Ma was watching.”

The couple have plans for a ceremony in India next spring. After a honeymoon in Alaska, Jha will begin promotions for his latest release and Winters will fly to Israel to compete in the Iron Man Championship.

Winters also recently qualified for the Boston Marathon. Winters has future plans for a restaurant with an emphasis on sustainable food and healthy eating.

“I hope to use my career to promote mindful eating by highlighting the cultural influences of food, making food more ethically and environmentally sustainable, and spreading body positivity,” she said. “This will probably take the form of a vegan chef or restaurant owner, combined with the yoga offering.”

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