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Bollywood stars embark on a 50cc moped

by Joe Bourn

Did you know that scooters and mopeds are the most affordable form of transportation for most families in India? For most Indian families, regular cars are very expensive, which leads many of them to ride mopeds only when they have to go somewhere.

In an effort to portray some realism and connect with the everyday, many Bollywood stars have a 50cc moped and left their expensive cars. So which members of Bollywood’s busy cast have managed to drive cheaper vehicles? Continue reading now to learn more.

• Amitabh Bachchan

First, we have Amitabh Bachchan. Although he is a very famous Bollywood star, he was seen riding a moped in normal street clothes, something that an everyday man can wear.

It was later learned that he played a man with meager means looking for a job in an upcoming film. However, it seems that Amitabh has loved riding 50cc mopeds and continues to do so even when he is away from filming.

• Shah Ruh Khan

Another of Bollywood’s most famous stars, Shah was also recently seen riding his own 50cc moped. In his latest film, he was shown riding a 50cc moped on the road. He portrayed an average man, with his wife driving with him.

Shah also rode a moped in another movie in which he starred, entitled Chak De! India. The film was very popular, allowing its audience to feel more connected to Shah as the main character, while watching him do some of the things many of them do on a daily basis.

• Dhanush

Another Bollywood star has been shown riding a 50cc motorcycle on the Raanjhanaa movie set. He was riding a gray Bajaj Chetak, trying to stay away from a storm that had blown into the set.

For the same film, Dhanush appears to be riding a bright yellow moped with actor Sonam Kapoor, smiling broadly at the audience. There were many scenes in this particular movie of the Bollywood star riding a moped.

• Anushka Sharma

And finally, Anushka is another star who has recently been seen riding a 50cc moped. Anushka initially had a bad time learning to ride a moped, ending up in the news about how bad she was while spinning the Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl.

However, since then, the Anushka likes to drive on two wheels. She has her own moped and has starred in other films where she has been shown riding 50cc mopeds in various scenes.

It is clear that the 50cc moped is not only for the average person, but can also be enjoyed by even the richest people all over India and the world. Truly, these small scooters are great vehicles for those on a tight budget. Their reliability also makes them great for anyone with larger media. They are very safe and always remember what you need moped insurance to always be legal on the road.

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