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Bollywood’s most awaited movie Brahmastra has released

by Joe Bourn

Summary: Ranbir Kapooralia Bhatt’s new film Brahmastra, film critic Rohit Vats explains why it gives Hollywood competition.

Brahmastra Movie Review: The most awaited Bollywood movie ‘Brahmastra’ finally released today. This movie starring Ranbir Kapoor and alibi bhatt is directed by Ayan Mukerji. At the same time, after watching ‘Brahmastra’, one very interesting thing about the movie that makes it unique is that after watching it, you are not able to immediately decide whether to praise it or not. It’s hard to form an opinion on this movie. However, it seems that this movie rivals Hollywood in terms of cinematic experience.

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Ranbir Kapoor’s character

Talking about the plot of the movie, an orphan DJ shiva (ranbir kapoor) living in Mumbai meets Isha (Alia Bhatt) who has returned from abroad and both fall in love in a second. In between, Shiva begins to feel connected to a different world and soon finds a way to that world. It’s dark here and there are many mysteries. Shiva finds this world familiar, but soon encounters many circumcised creatures. This is an unknown and full of mysteries that happens between our worlds.

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This movie is amazing in terms of VFX

Brahmastra turns out to be very spectacular in terms of visual effects. In the case of VFX, it wouldn’t be wrong to call it the best film Indian movie theater. The film’s CGI is no less than any Hollywood sci-fi work. 3D has some drawbacks but they can be ignored.

Talking about the storytelling style, the mythological story of a parallel universe has been told in the film. Who does this story relate to the past and the old characters? In such cases, leaving a word to the imagination at the end of an important conversation is a trick to keep the audience engaged. ayan mukerji has taken a risk in telling the story which may backfire but may also convince the audience of ‘Brahmastra’ from his point of view

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Ranbir also creates irritation

It’s like a superhero comic where there is a need for great animation in parts with less dialogue. The fewer words the more clarity and less distraction from the graphics. For example, Junoon (Mooney Roy) is a devotee of a Dark Lord, although she is grey-shaded but not evil. The purpose of this character is such that you cannot call him either good or bad or evil.

Shiva’s character is seen to grow slowly in the film, he becomes a fighter to save the universe from an ordinary man. Ranbir Kapoor looks like a typical bollywood hero in the film, which irritates him at times, but once he is placed in the plot, he impresses as well. There is strength in his character, but he is unable to deliver it, due to which the flow of the film is disrupted.

Why should I take a chance on Brahmastra?

Modern things like modern weapons and helicopters with mythology in the film they do not seem strange. However, the 161-minute running time could have been shorter. Brahmastra tries hard to bring out the deep truth of humanity but this movie doesn’t reach the audience where the makers are trying. After all, Brahmastra is a luxury film, the film has everything of a mega bollywood project. It has brought an innovation. If the X-Men and Avengers can be given a chance, then Brahmastra should be.

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