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Box Office: Avatar Earns Huge Rs 128 Crore

by Joe Bourn

Christmas came early for the distribution and display cycles in India.

The Hollywood release Avatar: The Way of Water has started the celebrations. While the global weekend collection figures are still awaited, in India, there is a lot to cheer about as the film started on a very positive note.

It has collected a whopping 128 crore* (Rs 1.29 billion) at the box office.

No release from Bollywood or any release from the past week has faced James Cameron’s sci-fi drama.

Avatar: The Way of Water started on an impressive note with 41 crore (Rs 410 million) coming in on Friday.

After such a huge start on Friday, one would have expected a drop on Saturday, but the collections saw an uptick. This also had to do with massive advance bookings.

Result? A weekend that is only next Avengers: Endgame (Rs 157.20 crore/Rs 1.572 billion).

From here, the film will go on to be a big hit in the first week, though it will face competition from Rohit Shetty. Circus This friday.

The Ranveer Singh starrer is a film made for the family audience and would justify a well distributed release.

Yet, Avatar: The Way of Water he can expect a second record Sunday.

*Calculates. Final numbers are awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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