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Boyd Holbrook talks about werewolf horror for his new movie The Cursed

by Stewart Cole

What drew you to sign up for this project?

Aside from enjoying horror movies since I was a kid, “Halloween” and all of these Freddy Krueger movies, there’s something wonderful about being scared. True, I heard that Sean [Ellis] I made a new movie and I had met him and I knew him from his other movies, [including] “Anthropoid” once first came to my radar. I heard he made a new movie and that it was a horror movie. We talked and I sent an audio file with a poem or something like that to do the British dialect, and then we really started to open up and talk. We started to become a real thing, a real opportunity to work together.

Did you have any favorite werewolf movies before you signed on for “The Cursed”?

[“An American Werewolf in London”]. There is a real transformation that happens when the skin and hair come out. That was good.

Have you thought of movies or characters in other projects that will help update your character?

I really never look. I may be looking for an actor or something like that to get inspiration, but with that, the time of year and the barbarity of the times were really informative about the kind of character. It is the roughness or texture of the character. I really pulled from the season, that really spoke to me. I found it very simplistic about what it is like not to have running water, electricity or anesthesia for that matter, and what the reality of this condition is, and I’m quite nostalgic for anything before 1900.

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