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Canston launches two types of soundbars T280X and FX5021, essential in the era of home economy

by Pansy Robbins

▲ Canston FX5021, a low-power gaming soundbar that gives a sense of esports realism

Canston Acoustics (CEO Jong-min Han), a professional audio equipment manufacturing and distribution company, has launched two types of 2.2-channel T280X soundbar and FX5021 gaming soundbar that meet the keywords of the home economics and sports fans who have settled into our online lives with the non-face-to-face stream.

The T280X three-dimensional soundbar, which delivers a maximum output of 130W from six whole-body resonating units, is aimed at users who enjoy realistic sound like movies and sports games in a spacious living room. Low-power design optimized for the esports experience

These products generously incorporate the latest speaker technology. Each product has distinct characteristics as it differentiates usage environment and main target audience as much as different size and unique design. However, by introducing Bluetooth 5.0 technology in common, it is free from interruptions or crosstalk issues and produces clean quality sound without noise. A remote control is supplied as standard, allowing you to easily control all the functions needed to operate the soundbar from a distance.

First, the T280X soundbar is optimized for an environment that emphasizes a feeling of space. It should also be noted that EQ sound and 3D sound effect can be selected with the remote control. The size is 980mm width x 165mm height and matches the usage environment of 45-65 inch or larger TVs.

It features a design that satisfies users who crave the 2% lack of TV speakers by producing rich sound from up to 6 units. What’s remarkable is the bass sound that existing soundbars didn’t satisfy. The T280X raises the level of sound perfection by having the right units for every sound range.

Four 57mm full-range units that stably output all frequencies from 45Hz to 20kHz face the front, and the upward-positioned 88mm woofer unit resonates powerfully with grand bass sound. Here, two bass-reflex tubes push the sound densely.

The finished power reaches a total of 130W. From the living room to the meeting space, it has enough capacity to accommodate a large area. The product characteristics are also visible from the input terminal. It is based on Bluetooth 5.0, but it also has an essential terminal to connect to a television.

HDMI (ARC), optical (PCM), USB and AUX are provided so that it can be connected to all terminals used in the home, such as televisions, consoles and set-top boxes. The meaning comes from the idea of ​​having the intuitive control buttons on the right side so as not to detract from the perfection of the design.

FX5021 is a soundbar optimized for gaming environments. The compact 500mm x 95mm size is approximately 50% smaller than a typical TV soundbar installed in the living room. The size is suitable for a 27 inch PC monitor and is intended for a single family or small room use environment.

As a product introduced by a speaker company, it is compact in size and packed with all the functions. Two dual 57mm neodymium full-range units are responsible for the gorgeous sound up to 40W, and the airflow air duct realizes more three-dimensional sound. Function control is done with the remote control, but also via the right controller, which is placed so as not to affect the completeness of the design.

Basically, the game environment is the main one, but it has an interface that can be used as a substitute for a soundbar. HDMI (ARC), optical (PCM), USB and AUX are at the same level as TV sound only. Although it’s small in size as it has a wall mount, it’s a substantial soundbar speaker that has everything you need.

Regarding the two types of soundbars T280X and FX5021, Canston CEO Han Jong-min said, “We are living in a changing era with words such as sports enthusiasts and home economics now making part of our lives in the non-face to face. -era of the face. The time we spend at home is increasing and sound is emerging as an important topic in decorating and caring for ourselves. It will bring the highest level of satisfaction in terms of comfort of use and use. »

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