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Channing Tatum Just Spoiled The Ending Of His New Movie ‘Dog’ For A Good Reason

by Stewart Cole

By Becca Longmire.

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Most people like to keep the ending of their movies top secret when promoting them on talk shows, but not Channing Tatum.

The actor chatted to Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday about his new flick “Dog”, insisting “it’s a good ending” in a bid to get people to actually see it.

“You never know with a dog movie how it’s going to go,” Kimmel admitted. “Most of the time it goes the wrong way.”

“I think ‘Marley & Me’ scarred everyone,” Tatum replied.

He went on, ‘Every single person that I’ve told I made a dog movie, they’re like,’ I’m not going to see it unless you tell me if the dog lives. ‘ I’m like, ‘But don’t you want to not know the ending of the movie?’ ”

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Tatum then said, “It’s a good ending, so everyone knows,” as Kimmel pointed out, “You might be the first guest who’s ever come out and told the ending of his movie.”

Tatum also explained how many famous directors told him it was a bad idea to try and make a film about a dog on a road trip.

He admitted to Kimmel: “I actually got a bit for real. I have a little smiley face scar on my buttocks, ”joking he’d been bitten in the past by his“ Dear John ”co-star Amanda Seyfried.

Elsewhere in the chat, Kimmel questioned Tatum on the upcoming “Magic Mike 3” movie, titled “Magic Mike’s Last Dance”.

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The star said, “I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make a third movie. We kind of did a lot in the first two movies, but I said I would make the third movie if we could do one of two things. One, I wanted to make like the Super Bowl of stripper movies.

“The first movies we had to kind of stay honest to what that world is and the dancing’s not all that cool in the world. And we pushed it a little bit. But I really want to have professionals, the best dancers in the world, just going off, ”he added, sharing that secondly he“ wanted to have a really strong female character. ”

Tatum joked that he’d already been rehearsing for the flick in a garage with his choreographer, laughing: “And people walking down the street are really, really taken aback. It’s like, ‘Daddy, why is that woman sitting on that man’s face?’ ”Insisting it gets too hot in there to shut the door.

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