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Classic Anime Franchise, City Hunter, announces the new movie

by Stewart Cole

City hunter has long been a recognizable name in the anime realm, with the series first starting as a manga in 1985 and continuing for decades to tell the story of Ryo and Kaori as they try to fight crime in Tokyo. Now, to help celebrate the thirty-fifth anniversary of the classic series, City hunter announced that a new movie is in the works that will bring Ryo back to the forefront, although the movie has not yet revealed when it will hit theaters.

Over the decades, City hunter has proven its longevity as new TV series and anime movies have arrived to keep fans informed about the life of the show’s main “sweeper”. The manga itself actually ended in 1991, making the sequel to the anime much more impressive, with the franchise also receiving live-action adaptations on the way to launch. The last time we saw Ryo and the gang in the world of animation was in 2019 when the movie City Hunter The Movie: Shinjuku Private Eyes hit the stage from Studio Sunrise, the animation house responsible for many things like Mobile Suit Gundam and Cowboy Bebop to name a few.

TM Network has given fans a first look at the upcoming movie that returns to the classic anime franchise through a new teaser trailer that once again puts Sweeper Ryo in the spotlight as the series prepares to celebrate its monumental anniversary:

If you are not familiar with the beginning of this classic anime franchise, City hunter is a Shonen title that debuted in 1985 under creator Tsukasa Hojo. The series follows Ryo, a private detective who chases girls and works alongside Hideyuki Makimura to rid Tokyo of crime. The couple manages a “City Hunter” operation to confront Tokyo’s corrupt elite, but things go south when Hideyuki is assassinated. The boy’s sister, Kaori, goes to work in Rio to catch her brother’s killer and the couple learns what it means to be a partner as they undertake various missions.

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