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Controversy over Disney’s new live-action Snow White movie

by Stewart Cole

THEjust a few weeks after its release ‘The little Mermaid’pictures of him Snow White film have emerged. Both Disney productions have been surrounded by controversy. “The Little Mermaid” was criticized for casting Halle Bailey as the lead because she did not physically resemble the animated version. Ultimately, the film has earned $500 million.

The actress who plays Ariel said in an interview with the Guardian that it was important for her to be recognized as example for girls.

“If I had seen a black mermaid when I was little, it would have changed my outlook, my confidence, my self-esteem. A lot of people don’t understand what it’s like, because they’ve never had that problem and so they don’t think it’s important,” she admitted.

Snow White is Latina and has no dwarfs

Snow White is similar, since the actress who will bring the Disney princess to life is Rachel Zegler of Colombian origin. The New Jersey-born actress inherited the Latin gene from her grandparents.

Despite being second generation, she feels connected to her Colombian roots. When he was filming Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story, he posted an Instagram post that proved it.

“To be able to bring to life a role that means so much to the Hispanic community is humbling,” she wrote.

The seven dwarfs are a fundamental part of the Snow White story, however, they will be presented as people of average height. It all started with the criticism of an actor with dwarfism Peter Dinklage, who has played several stylish characters.

“They’re still telling that twisted tale of seven dwarfs living in a cave…what are they doing, man?” commented on WTF with Marc Maron’s podcast.

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