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Cool race… First appearance in 24 years, more impressive than a movie

by Pansy Robbins

Jamaican men’s four-man bobsled team
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“The Golden Goal… Inspire the next generation.

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▲ Players of the Jamaican bobsled team practice at the Yanqing National Sliding Center in Beijing on the 17th, two days before the men’s four-man bobsled race at the Beijing Winter Olympics.
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I’ve heard the phrase “feels like running cool” over and over again. Now I try to prove the results of my efforts with medals.

The Jamaican national team, which is challenging the men’s four-man bobsled race at the Beijing Winter Olympics, finally appears on the ice. The four-seater Jamaican squad, which will step onto the Olympic stage for the first time in 24 years since the Nagano Olympics in 1998, is determined to show more emotion than a movie at the Beijing Olympics.

The Jamaican four-man team first appeared at the 1988 Olympics in Calgary. Training began less than five months before the start of the season. Of course, those who showed up with a sled were disqualified because the sled was broken, not to mention the medals. Instead of making fun of them, people applauded their defiant spirit. In 1993, the movie “Cool Runnings” was released and became popular.

There were several difficulties until the four-person team, which had disappeared after the Nagano Olympics, came to this tournament. Jamaica has a sweltering climate and cannot train because it does not snow. For this reason, everyone trained in Europe and elsewhere, and the team only met in September last year. I did a fundraising campaign to buy the latest sled, but I didn’t have enough money. There was no training place, so the training was carried out by pushing the car on the road.

Players around the world applaud their efforts. Won Yun-jong (37, Gangwon Provincial Office), the eldest of the Korean luge team, gave a thumbs up, saying, “The Jamaican bobsled team’s challenge is in line with the Olympic spirit. “

So far, the participation in the Olympics itself has been impressive. It’s good to be called a descendant of cool racing, but now I desperately want to win a medal. Breakman Ashley Watson (29) said: “If it hadn’t been for the gold medal, I wouldn’t have wanted to come to the Olympics.

Jamaica will compete in three events for the first time in its history, including the men’s two-seater and women’s single-seater (monobop), in addition to the men’s four-seater at these Olympic Games. The men’s two-seater was last, and the women’s single was only 19th out of 20. The Jamaican players were determined to hang their medals around their necks in a four-seater race.

The Korean national team is also gearing up to replenish the glory of Pyeongchang. Won Yun-jong, the first Asian team to win a silver medal in bobsleigh at the Pyeongchang Olympics, will be on the way. The four-man competition will begin on the 19th and medal winners will be determined on the 20th.

Journalist Lee Joo-won

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