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“”Dare you on your iPhone camera…” What Samsung has to offer, ignored [IT선빵!]”- Herald Economics

by Pansy Robbins
The Sagrada Familia cathedral was shot in 8K with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. [삼성전자]

[헤럴드경제=박지영 기자] “8K video recording that iPhone can’t, Galaxy S22 can!”

The smartphone camera war is moving from photography to “video shooting”. Samsung Electronics and Apple compete for “self-esteem” by introducing various video productions using their flagship products. Apple enthusiasts are proud that the iPhone’s camera is “a step up” from the Apple Galaxy. In response, Samsung Electronics is introducing marketing that emphasizes camera performance like powerful night photography and remastering using artificial intelligence (AI) in the new Galaxy S22 series.

What Samsung Electronics is particularly critical of is 8K high-definition video shooting. This is because Apple’s iPhone 13 series does not support this feature. They boasted of the “8K ecosystem” which took 8K video with a Galaxy smartphone and played it on Samsung Electronics’ 8K TV.

The Sagrada Familia cathedral was shot in 8K with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. [삼성전자]
Samsung Electronics Shows Video of Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona, ​​Spain Shot in 8K with Galaxy S22 and More inside the cathedral.

On the 13th, Samsung Electronics released a video showing the appearance of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona, ​​Spain. In partnership with the cathedral, the interior and exterior as well as the main sculptures were filmed in 8K using the Galaxy S22, and they are played back with Samsung Electronics’ Neo QLED 8K and shared with visitors.

The part that Samsung Electronics put a lot of effort into the video is the “light”. Not only does it contain light and dark levels, but it also embodies various colors of light that permeate the cathedral over time. This is to underline the extremely clear image quality of 8K video. In particular, two ‘Galaxy S22 Ultra’ were used for interior photography. The Galaxy S22 Ultra supports up to 8K 24 frames (24 frames per second). This is a feature that Apple does not have. Apple’s latest flagship iPhone 13 Pro only supports shooting up to 4K 60 frames. Samsung Electronics started to seriously support 8K video recording function from Galaxy S20 series.

To highlight this, several “8K movies” shot with the Galaxy S series have also been released. In September 2020, the short film ‘Untact’, written and directed by director Kim Ji-woon and star actress Kim Go-eun, was released online and offline. After the unveiling of the Galaxy S21 last year, the “Filmed #With Galaxy” campaign was also carried out. It was a relay campaign in which famous directors around the world, starting with British director Joe Wright, shot and produced short films with the Galaxy S21.

Shooting the movie Sunshine Dreams with the ‘iPhone 13 Pro’. [애플코리아]

Apple also shows great confidence in shooting iPhone videos. Last month, director Park Chan-wook hosted a preview and interview for the short film “Sunset Dreams” filmed with the iPhone 13 Pro. As a martial arts movie, dark exterior scenes, fast-paced ships, and group scenes with dozens of actors were filmed entirely with the iPhone 13 Pro. Director Park said: “It’s a great advantage to be able to shoot easily without color production or heavy lighting, which is used with a camera.

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