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Devi Sri Prasad in Bollywood: I will release some singles and music videos this year | Movie News in Telugu

by Joe Bourn
While “Pushpa: The Rise” appeared as the surprise package of 2021, the film’s music proved to be the icing on the cake. For music director Devi Sri Prasad, better known as DSP, the film is nothing short of a reunion as he collaborated with Allu Arjun and Sukumar again after “Arya 2” was released in 2009.

The moment he heard the story, the DSP smelled like a winner in the works, he told the media. “I had the opportunity to work on something different, in terms of songs and background music as well. Once you get the concept that is radically different and the platform is ready, I was sure people would own it,” he explained.

The success of the songs in all the languages ​​in which the film was released, came as a boost for the DSP. Recalling how each song was produced separately for each of the five languages ​​- Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi – the DSP said composing melodies was the easy part. However, doing the vocals correctly for each language was not that simple, he admitted.

“As we discuss the script itself, most of the song compositions happen, as in 5 to 15 minutes I prepare the melody of the song, then the orchestration takes some time. But when it came to recording vocals, I had to spend about a month recording vocals for each song. I had to inform the singers about every language expression and sometimes I had to change the expressions according to the language. ”

The film’s background also had the DSP wearing his creative hat and burning midnight oil. He credits his love for background music composition to conductor Ilayaraja. “It showed us the power of background music in movies,” says the DSP reverently.

For the scene of the controversy at the climax of the film, the DSP decided to use literally a sixth language in the background music. In addition to giving a sense of gravity to the scene where the protagonist and the competitor face each other, the DSP felt that Sanskrit would be universally accepted in all the local language markets in which “Pushpa” was screened.

He walked the distance for the background music of the scene.

“I got the help of a Sanskrit panda for the background score on the climax scene. I gave him the melody, explained the sequence and told him to compose the background verse in Sanskrit. Everyone liked it.”

With the songs of the movie “Oo …” and “Saami” becoming fashionable on New Year’s Eve all over India and even abroad, the DSP describes them jokingly as the unofficial anthems of the 2022 New Year party. And with “Pushpa 2 “expected to hit the floors In about a month, the DSP is getting ready to bloom its music stick for an encore.

“We have plans for some songs for ‘Pushpa 2’. There will be some awesome situations in the movie. You can also expect some psychic music in the movie,” says the DSP.

As for next year, DSP is actively planning to work on Bollywood projects. “I will release some singles and music videos this year,” he signs.

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