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Director Kevin Smith presents a new film as NFT

by Stewart Cole

Only select NFT-holding fans will enjoy director Kevin Smith’s return to horror, “KillRoy Was Here”.

Smith’s multimedia company, SmodCo, is working with the blockchain Secret Network to release exclusively horror comedy. Selected 5,555 buyers will be able to purchase the NFT artwork collection containing the feature film, as well as behind-the-scenes footage and some commentary. Starting in the second quarter on the Legendao platform, only those with the NFT “hidden key” can access the movie.

Smith’s view of the horror kind of anthology follows injured children directing a monster to attack bad adults. Drawing inspiration from Phenomenon graffiti of the 1940s, starring Smith’s daughter Harley Quinn Smith, along with Azita Ghanizada and Ryan O’Nan. The sequel, which Smith plans to film next year, will also incorporate NFT proprietary content, such as short films and animation.

Many cryptocurrencies and entertainment companies have teamed up to bring NFT to life. Secret Network’s NFT cutting platform, Legendao, will host the project. Curio — an NFT entertainment platform that has previously released NFT-related cult classics such as “American Psycho” —and digital content maker Semkhor collaborated on the collection. SCRT Labs, which oversees the Secret Network, in particular sold the first Quentin Tarantino NFT for $ 1.1 million earlier this year.

“KillRoy” became one of the first NFT movies when it was first announced in 2021. Smith was released an NFT teaser for “KillRoy”, which includes a 3D comic book and movie shot, through Jay and Silent Bob’s Crypto Studio, Smith’s edited gallery. His upcoming movie, “Clerks III”, too special offer “crypto cameos” in the movie to NFT owners.

Crypto has grown in popularity in Hollywood since then. Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins starred in “Zero Contact,” which aired as an NFT via Vuele in 2021. Earlier this month, the reality TV studio Bunim / Murray Productions, best known for producing “Keeping Up With The Kardashians “, announced plans. to sell NFT with raw episode clips while still traditionally distributing shows.

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