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Director Park Chan-wook will present “Sunset Dreams”, filmed only with the Apple iPhone 13 Pro

by Pansy Robbins

[IT동아 남시현 기자] Apple has teamed up with director Park Chan-wook, a world-renowned master known for “Old Boy” and “The Handmaiden,” to present “Sunset Dreams,” a short film shot with the iPhone 13 Pro. It’s the first time in 11 years director Park has made a movie with an iPhone since “Crazy Man” shot with the iPhone 4, and the movie is part of Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign. Shot on iPhone is a campaign to show the public the performance of iPhone cameras based on photos and videos taken with Apple’s iPhone. .

Anyone can watch the 20-minute short film “Sunset Dreams” through Apple Korea’s YouTube channel. Provided by Apple Korea

Directed by Park Chan-wook, ‘A Dream of Sunshine’ is a romantic martial arts short film starring actors Hae-Jin Ha, Ok-Bin Kim and Jung-Min Park. Music director Jang Young-gyu, leader of ‘Street Woman Fighter’ and choreographer Monica, who caused a syndrome in the dance world with ‘Street Woman Fighter’, participated in the show.

How ‘Sunset Dreams’ Was Filmed Only With an iPhone

Directed by Park Chan-wook.  Provided by Apple Korea
Directed by Park Chan-wook. Provided by Apple Korea

Iljangchunmong begins with the scene where the undertaker (Yoo Hae-jin) digs up an abandoned grave. The undertaker steals the coffin, but the spirit of the swordsman (Park Jung-min), the owner of the tomb, wakes up and attempts to retrieve his coffin. However, after hearing the funeral director’s explanation that he had no choice but to steal the coffin for the benefactor’s funeral, while trying to recover only the coffin, the funeral home’s benefactor, Yeohyeop Huatbi (Kim Ok-bin), also wakes up, and the scene where the two deceased ghosts face each other with swords is repeated. Iljangchunmong is a modern reinterpretation of the pansori process from funerals to weddings, so you can experience the humorous interpretation and Korean feeling even in a short time.

A still image of the night sky.  Provided by Apple Korea
A still image of the night sky. Provided by Apple Korea

Regarding the production of this film, director Park said, “What I felt when I started filming with the iPhone 13 Pro was the image of freedom. As a result, I was able to do things that I couldn’t try in a commercial feature, and I was able to make a film that naturally alternated between different genres.

In fact, only the iPhone 13 Pro was used in the filming process of The Sunshine Dream. Although the photo shoot from 11 years ago was used with a DSLR lens attached to the iPhone 4, this shoot was taken using only the camera and lens features of the iPhone 13 Pro . Director Park said, “At that time, I had to trick the image noise caused by the limitations of the camera as if it were meant for film grain. “But the iPhone 13 Pro improved the quality enough to be viewed on a big screen like a home TV.”

A still image of the night sky.  Provided by Apple Korea
A still image of the night sky. Provided by Apple Korea

He also added comments on the “Cinematic” feature first installed on Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro. If you are shooting a video in cinematic mode, you can change the focus of the subject in the middle of the video only with the final result, so anyone can create a video with a cinematic feel.

Director Park Chan-wook said, “Shifting the focus from near to far and far to near is a very cinematic direction, and the cinematic function was able to achieve that well. In addition to the focus shift , cutscenes can also create shallow depth of field (peripheral background blur), which allows us to change the feel of a good shot with shallow depth of field. people or subjects.” He rated the cinematic mode positively.

Cinematographer Kim Woo-hyung.  Provided by Apple Korea
Cinematographer Kim Woo-hyung. Provided by Apple Korea

Cinematographer Kim Woo-hyeong also said, “At first, I tried to attach a video lens to the iPhone, but it looked like a reproduction of an existing image. So, to test what could being filmed with an iPhone, I decided to shoot as is. During the actual filming, I used the iPhone 13 Pro without any attachments. Also, “the conventional shooting method takes a bit of time to set up the camera when a certain scene is found. On the other hand, iPhone shooting can be started in seconds, which greatly reduces the preparation time. With this mobility, I have been able to shoot in a variety of compositions, such as shooting in a narrow space above Sangyo (the method of attaching a handle to the camera and lifting it) and taking close-up shots shot of subjects in the sea,” he added.

A still image of the night sky.  Provided by Apple Korea
A still image of the night sky. Provided by Apple Korea

The actors who took part in the filming cited the immersion and mobility that a small camera offers as their strengths. Actor Kim Ok-bin said, “Usually acting in front of a big camera, I had no choice but to be aware, but the iPhone 13 Pro was so small that I didn’t even know where. I was able to work on the recording naturally without being aware of it, even though 4 or 5 units were basically arranged during filming. Actor Park Jung-bin also said, “There were some times when I didn’t even notice the directors were filming everywhere, and I didn’t know there were cameras, so I was able to act more freely.”

The shooting capacity of the iPhone, a level that everyone can enjoy

Director Park Chan-wook had the experience of winning an award at the Berlin International Film Festival for “Crazy Things”, filmed with an iPhone 4 11 years ago. During this press conference, it was mentioned that the iPhone 4 had to compensate for image quality limitations with post-correction technology at the time, but the iPhone 13 Pro, which we met again after about 10 years assessed that it has a level of technology that can be immersed in both work and actors. Indeed, if you watch Sunshine Dream, you will find that it is hard to believe that it was filmed with a smartphone.

Provided by Apple Korea
Provided by Apple Korea

The message that Apple wants to convey through this film is that the barriers to technology are lowering. Apple iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max with iOS 15.1 or higher applied offer 4K 30 frame recording in “Apple ProRes”, a professional video recording format. It’s not a professional interchangeable lens video camera, but it’s an opportunity for anyone to try out professional movies.

Iljangchunmong will be available on Apple Korea’s YouTube homepage and other Apple-related channels around the world, and will be available online and offline. In addition, on Apple’s official website, photos from writer Jae-hyeok Lee’s recording of the filming site of “Sunset Dreams” will be presented in the form of an online gallery, and an original soundtrack. specially composed for this film by music director Jang Young-gyu (Nalchi) will be released via Apple Music. .

Written by IT Dong-a Nam Si-hyeon (sh@itdonga.com)

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