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Disney woke up to new Peter Pan movie after including GIRLS in Lost Boys

by Stewart Cole
  • Peter Pan has gone ‘woke’ as Lost Boys will feature girls for the first time
  • The new version marks the latest in a long line of classic story adaptations
  • Critics slam casting choice as they predict Disney+ movie will ‘flop’

Peter Pan has been renewed with the famous Lost Boys including girls.

Disney has released a trailer for its latest live-action Peter Pan & Wendy remake, but there have been some crucial plot changes from the original 1904 work by JM Barrie.

In one snap, a group of children can be seen gathering as they introduce themselves as ‘lost boys’, as a little girl adds ‘every last one of us’.

A surprised Wendy remarks “but you’re not all boys!” to which he replies “So?”

Critics were quick to slam the change, with one Twitter user calling it a “flop” while another said: “What have they done to my characters?”

The latest Peter Pan remake has raised eyebrows as it is revealed that the Lost Boys pictured have been updated to include girls
A little girl is pictured among the “Lost Boys” crowd as Wendy remarks “but aren’t you all boys?”

The remake will star Jude Law as Captain Hook and is set to premiere on Disney+ on April 28.

It marks the latest in a long line of creative remakes of the classic story, including a 2020 version titled ‘Wendy’.

Other remakes include Steven Spielberg’s 1991 epic “Hook,” a 2003 version called “Peter Pan,” a 2015 “Pan” starring Hugh Jackman, and a 1953 animated film.

Many of the remakes have received unfavorable reviews.

Until now the Lost Boys consisted of all male characters named: Slightly, Nibs, The Twins, Cubby and Tootles.

But in 2021 it was revealed that Cubby’s character would be renamed Curly, while new characters would include female Birdie and Bellweather.

JM Barrie explains who the lost boys are in his original play from 1904. He writes: they are boys “who fall out of their prams when the nurse looks the other way, and if they are not claimed in seven days, they are sent away to Neverland ».

But the new film adaptations come despite the playwright explicitly stating the reason he didn’t include the ‘lost girls’ – because the girls are too smart to fall out of their prams.

Disney+’s “Peter Pan & Wendy” will follow the timeless story of a young girl who defies her parents’ wishes to attend boarding school and instead travels with her two brothers to Neverland.

The latest remake will premiere on Disney+ on April 28 and will star Jude Law as Captain Hook
Critics slammed the upcoming film, with one question: “What have they done to my characters?”

In the magical land he meets Peter Pan – a boy who refuses to grow up, a tiny fairy named Tinker Bell and the evil Captain Hook.

Twitter reacted with dismay to this week’s latest trailer.

One viewer wrote: “They have done so many remakes of Peter, they never end well and add vigilantism.

‘Well, that will make the flop harder than anything else.’

Another said: “Let me guess, Wendy will be the strong female lead and Peter Pan will take a background role.

“Oh, and why does this movie look so gray and miserable? It’s a children’s film.’

A third said: “Are you kidding me?” What happened to my boy Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Tinker Bell? What have they done to my characters?’

This isn’t the first time Disney has been accused of pushing an awakening agenda in its children’s movies.

Last month she came under fire for her new animated series The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, which featured black kids rapping about reparations, claiming that “slaves built this country.”

A 2003 version of the novel directed by PJ Hogan depicts a more traditional cast of the Lost Boys
The 1953 animated version of the classic fairy tale is one of the most popular to date. Photo: The Lost Boys

Meanwhile, Halle Bailey, 22, faced racist backlash from Twitter trolls after she was revealed as ‘Ariel’ in the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid.

The negative response to the film’s official trailer was so severe that YouTube has now disabled its dislike counter, but not before it crossed 1.5 million.

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