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Does Allu Arjun meet Bollywood people for his brother?

by Joe Bourn
Everyone was surprised when allu arjun was recently spotted inside the office of producer and acclaimed director Sanjay Leelaa Bhansali. However, it was later revealed that the pushpa actor will not be collaborating with Bhansaali on any films and that they will not be working on any projects together. So what exactly is the story and why all the way?

According to some sources, allu arjun uses his power and fame to help his younger brother, Allu sirish, get his career back on track. Sirish moved to Mumbai after completing a film to take care of geetha Arts’ upcoming production efforts while preparing for the release of their current co-production, the Indian transfer of Jersey. According to rumors, allu arjun meets many famous filmmakers to draw a huge picture for his younger brother, so that his career in Bollywood can start well.

Normally, successful characters from the south try their luck in Mumbai after accumulating a lot of experience, but if Sirikos – Latest updates, photos, videos are one click away, CLICK NOW ‘> allu sirish tries his luck in Hindi and succeeds, will make it. be first among species. We will have to wait and see if this rumor is genuine and if the Syrids accept a Hindi movie. But, apart from the fact that Allu Arjun’s Pushpaa 2 will be a box office success in India, what about Allu Arjun’s performance in Hindi?

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