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Eddie Murphy’s failed comeback movie finds new life on Netflix

by Stewart Cole

It’s hard to overstate how meticulous Eddie Murphy’s rise to prominence in the 1980s was, with stand-up comics and On Saturday night live a veteran who became one of the biggest movie stars of the decade in just a few years.

48 hours., Places of transactions, Beverly Hills Police Officer and Coming to America Everything was released and was a huge success until he was 27, which is impressive when you think about it. Unfortunately, the only way down there was with Murphy reaching the nadir in the 2000s, when everything he touched and was not named Shrek ended up suffering from critical or commercial disaster, and often both.


After being nominated for an Oscar for Dreamy girls, Murphy followed with terrible Norbit, Meet Dave, Imagine it and Thousand words, the last of which was his last appearance on screen for four years. When he returned, Mr. Church greeted rather warmly.

The drama was indeed proud of one of the protagonist’s best performances for a long time, but the Rotten Tomatoes 24% rating was not at all encouraging. Murphy would disappear for another three years until Dolemite Is My Name started its recent revival, but it is Mr. Church which uploaded to Netflix with the most views throughout the week, according to FlixPatrol.

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