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Epic Games ‘Fortnite’ in collaboration with the Uncharted-NBA movie

by Pansy Robbins

Epic Games Korea (CEO Park Seong-cheol), the Korean subsidiary of Epic Games, announced on the 18th that it will collaborate with the latest released film Uncharted and the NBA in the United States for Fortnite, which is developed and maintained by the society .

Uncharted is a hit action film produced by Sony Pictures based on the Uncharted series of video games developed by Naughty Dog Studios. Spider-Man’s Tom Holland plays Nathan Drake, Mark Wahlberg plays Victor Sullivan, and Sofia Ali plays Chloe Fraser. It was released in Korea on the 16th.

In Fortnite, you can meet the talented adventurer Nathan and the infamous thief Chloe. A variety of accessories, including Nathan and Chloe’s outfits, have entered the Item Shop.

Nathan’s outfit includes the base movie style and Uncharted 4: The Pirate King and The Last Treasure in-game style, which are interchangeable in inventory.

Chloe’s outfit consists of the base style from the movie, with no jacket style, and the Uncharted: Lost Legacy style, including accessories such as Chloe’s backpack. In addition to the costumes of the two protagonists, you can also find an unexplored set that includes an old sword pickaxe, a Parashurama ax pickaxe, and a logging emote.

Starting at 11 p.m. on the 18th, Drake’s Map will appear where you can check where the treasure is hidden. Until the end of the season, players can use the treasure map to discover buried treasures and collect valuable items.

With Io, the NBA returned to Fortnite to celebrate the 75th anniversary season and the 2022 All-Star game. Fortnite and the NBA held the “Fortnite X NBA: Crossover” event as their first collaboration in May last year. .

For the first time in Fortnite, in-game voting lets you choose which emotes to post next. This vote, which can be entered through the specially designed NBA 75 All-Star Hub, can be selected from three famous ceremonies for members of the 2022 All-Star team, and up to five votes can be cast each day until at 24.

At the NBA 75 All-Star Hub, you can not only vote, but also enjoy various amenities such as indoor and outdoor basketball courts, photo booths and lounges. If you score a specified number of goals, you can participate in a quest to receive a high hoop roll with XP.

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In the item shop, you can come across various NBA items such as NBA 75 sets and Paint Zone sets. The NBA 75 set includes 10 outfits with diamond, red and gray styles, plus trinkets such as the NBA Beacon with a holographic logo for one of the 30 teams.

The 10 costumes in the Paint Zone set contain the uniforms of all 30 NBA teams, including the new All-Star ’22 Red and All-Star ’22 Grey, and you can display any team you want. Accessories such as dribbling emotes, mini hoops, NBA championship trophies, and hook shooting toys are also available.

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