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“Every character is very different from each other”

by Joe Bourn
Rakul Preet Singh opens its 7 film releases this year (Photo – Instagram)

Actress Rakul Preet Singh has all her fingers in the pie, as she will have seven huge releases on her sleeve for the year 2022, six of which are in Hindi cinema.

Her Bollywood titles include “Doctor G” with Ayushmann, “Runway 34” with Amitabh Bachchan & Ajay Devgn, “Thank God” with Ajay Devgn & Sidharth Malhotra, “Chattriwali”, “Attack” and a movie. without title with Akshay Kumar. .

An enthusiastic Rakul Preet Singh shared: “Well, I hope 2022 will be one of my best years. I’m really looking forward to 2022 because there are 7 movies being released, 6 in Hindi. I just keep my fingers crossed that people appreciate movies. I had an amazing shooting experience with all of them and as soon as the movies start coming out you will see that every character is very different from each other, every movie is a different genre. ”

He continues, “If there is an ‘Attack’ that is a science fiction action, then there is ‘Runway 34’ where I play pilot, there is ‘Doctor G’ where I play a gynecologist, ‘Thank God’ is your commercial. movie slice of life and then there is Mr. Akshay’s movie which is your thriller commercial zone, after ‘Chattriwali’ where I go where I play a condom tester. So, yes, this is a year full of hard work from the last 2 years, inside and outside the pandemic. “

Rakul Preet Singh adds: “I just hope people like it a lot, it was an amazing experience shooting these films and now is the time for them to come out. “I was just waiting for these films to be released, for people to see more work I have done, so yes, I keep my fingers crossed for 2022. I am excited about it and excited to see the reaction of the people.”

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