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Everything we know so far

by Stewart Cole

“Bend and Snap is forever.”

Get ready to practice bending and hitting because Legal blonde 3 is in the works!

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The iconic piece of cinema of the early 2000s finally acquires the trilogy and Reese Witherspoon leads … with a little help from Mindy Kaling!

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The duo kept most of the details of the film secret, but a few some information may have passed – and this is your only stop on everything we know so far.

Here is everything that has been said about the film so far:

Reese Witherspoon will definitely return to star as Elle Woods – and it will be the production of the film!

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Reese does more than star in the new Legally blonde flick. When the film was announced, Reese revealed that her production company would be at the helm of the film and could not be more excited.

“I think so [Elle] it just inspired people to believe in themselves. It inspired me to have a really open mind. “I think her spirit is something we could all use a little more right now.” he said during a cast reunion in 2020.

The upcoming movie co-signs Mindy Kalingwho has long been a fan of movies.

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In May 2020, it was confirmed that Mindy Kaling would co-write the film with Dan Goor. Not only has the duo created great projects together in the past, but Mindy is also a huge fan of Legally blonde series.

“I really like the franchise. I love Elle Woods as a character and when Reese asked me to write it, I said ‘Absolutely!'” Mindy said. Access.

And do not worry, it’s not going to get much away from the original movies.

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Mindy says she wants to keep key elements of the original films, such as iconic phrases and other fan favorites from the first two films.

“Bend and Snap is forever. “We definitely have a lot of fan favorites from the original movie,” Mindy said he said while she while in the middle of writing.

Elle will probably still be married to Emmett in the movie and will have their own family.

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Although Mindy has not talked about the plot of the film, Mindy shared some of what she envisioned for Elle’s future.

“I am always fascinated to see where Elle would be in 2021 with all the political movements that have taken place. I think she is married to Emmett [and] “They have a nice family,” Mindy said in an interview with In addition.

There will be many new cast members – and they will be much different from the original films.

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“There will definitely be a lot of new faces in the film. Reflecting on the world as it is now is something that is very important to Reese, and so having diversity is extremely, very important. You can definitely count on that.” Mindy shared with MI!.

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Mindy says she knew Jennifer Coolidge was supposed to be part of the movie, but after seeing her The White Lotusdecided it would need a more expanded role.

“Obviously, Paulette was so integral throughout the franchise, but we just saw it [The White Lotus] we said, “Oh, we really want to make sure he has something really juicy to do,” Mindy said. MI!.

Luke Wilson he is utterly disappointed to appear in the film, although his role has not yet been confirmed.

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In 2020, Luke was asked if he would consider reprinting his role as Emmett Legal blonde 3and said he wanted to be part of the new movie.

“Of course [I’d do it]. as for the Legally blonde that we hear now – I know nothing of the ordinary man on the street. And that is really the truth. “I’ve heard they write it and try to compose it, but they keep it pretty well hidden,” Luke shared. Us Weekly.

Holland Taylor would also like to star in the film and has some big dreams for her character.

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Holland Taylor, who played Professor Stromwell in the original film, says she wants to return for the new film and hopes her character has risen to the top of her career.

“If they do not have this character back as a Supreme Court justice or an even more senior professor or as a member of government, they are crazy,” Holland said. he said back to 2018.

Production on the film is “still in progress”, so filming has not yet begun.

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Legal blonde 3 is scheduled to premiere on May 20, 2022 – although it has been postponed once in the past, so stay tuned for more updates!

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