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Excited To Make My Bollywood Debut: Aariz Saiyed | Hindi Movie News

by Joe Bourn
Popular stand-up comedian Aariz Saiyed, who has done TV shows like Good night India and acted in Gujarati films like Prem Prakaran and Chor Bani Thangaat Kare, will make his debut as an actor in Bollywood this year. Talking about this, the Vadodara boy tells us, “My journey has been full of ups and downs and I have faced many rejections during the audition. For example, I had auditioned for movies like 2nd year student and Doctor G, but things didn’t go well. I was finally cast last year for the film Bawaal and it was a huge learning experience working with Varun Dhawan, Janhvi Kapoor and Nitesh Tiwari. I am really excited to make my Bollywood debut.” Excerpts from a quick chat:
“This year, my focus will be on developing as an actor”

I recently sang the title track of the Gujarati film Chabutro and received very good feedback. This year, my focus will be on developing as an actor. Also, when I started doing stand-up comedy, I failed miserably in the first few days. But with hard work and determination, I have managed to create my own space and I can proudly say that people love musical comedy, which I feel comfortable performing on stage. Iss Saal mujhe musical comedy ko bhi aage le jaana hai.

“There was a phase when I wasn’t good at anything”
While studying at the School of Journalism and Communication, MSU, I had a band and back then, music was my only focus. I loved performing live. Later on, though, I also became interested in filmmaking and learned a lot about video editing while studying at MSU, which helped me later in life. At MSU, I also learned how to present myself and that is critical in today’s world. In 2014 I did an internship at a production house and learned about filmmaking. I’ve seen hard times and there was a phase where I wasn’t good at anything. In fact, in 2014, while helping on film sets, main pankha le ke actors ke saath khada rehta will! When I first tried my hand at stand-up comedy, there were times when people would tell me to get off the stage. But Manan Desai was very supportive and slowly, I realized that I was good at musical comedy. During the pandemic, like all other artists, things were extremely difficult for me, but I’m glad that the situation is much better now. Today, I love doing all these things – acting, stand-up comedy, film production and musician.

“I plan to move to Mumbai soon”

I was traveling between Mumbai and Vadodara but now, I am planning to shift to Mumbai soon. Professionally, it is likely to lead to more work.

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