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EXCLUSIVE: Jalsa director Suresh Triveni reveals the plot early on, the scene that brought him a nightmare and Vidya Balan disbands: Bollywood News

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After the light ones Tumhari SuluSuresh Triveni explored a story of redemption-revenge with Jalsa with the title of the great artists Vidya Balan and Shefali Shah. The human drama received rave reviews and excitement on Amazon Prime Video as the film explored dilemma, fear, denial and manipulation like never before. The film was well received by the audience and has involved viewers in a discussion about an ethical dilemma, ethics and more. In a recent interview with Bollywood HungamaDirector Suresh Triveni talked about the two-line idea that gave birth to the film, the background music of the film, the film’s toughest scene and Vidya Balan collapsing during a scene.

EXCLUSIVE: Jalsa director Suresh Triveni reveals the plot early on, the scene that brought him a nightmare and Vidya Balan disintegrates on set

Opening the idea that gave birth to the film Jalsasaid Suresh, “The thought was very simple. The moral dilemma has always been an issue. From the time of the Mahabharata to Shakespeare to everything, it has always been part of our narrative. So whether the stories are about good or bad or then there are lines between good and evil, and then the choices you make. I was very aware that I wanted to unfold the plot very early at the time of writing, and take the risk of saying what would happen if I unfolded the plot in the first 20 minutes. “Our art is so simple. So I think it’s more or less her birth, there are different thoughts, I would even go and praise Prajwal Shetty who wrote the first drawing.”

The background music and the music played a key role in the film, so much so that it felt like an important character in the film that often elevates an entire scene. “Sound means the world to me. To me it’s like going to a place of worship. All my actors and all my technicians, everyone who works with me knows that it matters to me. I feel that with him you can tell, you can have a parallel story and you can fill in the gaps that you did not let the dialogue fill in. Gaurav Chatterjee composed the music. For me, sound sets the tone of a film because it is an audiovisual medium. “You have to give the same importance to the sound. So to me, that’s important to the world. In all the reviews, the happiest I am, all my technicians are mentioned. And I like it,” Suresh shared.

Suresh Triveni admits that he tends to get emotional on sets and that is why he found the intense scene between Rukhsana (Shefali Shah) and Maya Menon (Vidya Balan) and another scene where Vidya Balan shouts at her son Ayush (Surya Kasibhatla) very difficult to direct. Speaking about the kitchen scene between the female protagonists, she said: “It was a very tough scene. I know it. It made me have nightmares. How do you even do justice? Because what happens is, a day when two There are good “Actors and such amazing actors, as a director, are very likely to get carried away. You would like to impress them all. But that was personally difficult.”

“But the toughest was a scene where Maya loses her in Aayush. Ah, that was the hardest day. I mean, but I think I put a very straight face that day, we shot it in a practical way,” he added. . Suresh added that they had eight readings for the scene and had three shots of Vidya Balan’s character shouting at her son. Sharing his memory of the day, the director added: “Every time Vidya said this line, she would go up from there, approach the screen, go into a room and have tears. I remember when I met her. Surya later after filming, and the first thing he said was “Lady Vidya cried.” And this boy had a smile on his face. Syria, they are unbelievable “.

Jalsa Amazon Prime Video is currently streaming.

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