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Exclusive: Kareena Kapoor Khan, Tabu and Kriti Sanon talk about their upcoming film for the first time

by Joe Bourn

RK: And the humor is pretty obnoxious.

CS: That’s the scenario. It doesn’t have set lines and dialogues, and I’m really excited about it. Looking forward to watching the organics chemistry are developed between these three characters.

RK: Tabu, are you more excited to see the chemistry between you and your co-stars than with any of your heroes?

Taboo: It’s like Kriti said: when you go on set and start working on the film is when the whole story will actually start developing. So I want to experience this dynamic world instead of going in with preconceived ideas.

RK: I’ve always wanted to make a film where I don’t have to Apologize because Indian audiences are used to seeing female actors playing approachable, fearless characters. But I don’t care anymore, this will be great glamour.

KKK: I think we should all wear kaftan [laughs].

RK: I always think that when it comes to movies, high fashion is to girls what blowing up cars is to men. It makes everything so much more fun. And I have you three as my heroines. How not to take advantage of the moment? Okay, I want to ask you one last question. Each of you calls the shots in this movie. You are my guiding force. you decide what limits we scale creatively and logistically. Growing up around My Dad, a major Bollywood hero, I often noticed how the shooting schedules revolved entirely around the men’s dates, so it’s very refreshing for me to be able to give you that kind of power. As a producer, it should have been a huge task to coordinate the schedules of three successful, iconic actors and get them on the same creative page, but I am humbled because you ladies made this experience so enriching for me. I don’t dance to the songs of a capricious hero. My heroines call the shots and I’m happy to let them.

CS: These days, heroines are actually busier than heroes — just saying. Still, it’s nice not having to adjust my dates to suit the guys Calendar.

RK: It took me three years to finance this film, and once Ektaa came on board as a producer and we signed on the three of you, it took 60 seconds to complete everything else. So it’s really exciting to see everything finally fall into place.

KKK: I can’t wait to start filming.

The crew will go on floors in February 2023 and we are sure the film will be one for the books

Photographed by James Tolich
Style Miguel Urbina Tan

Creative direction: Megha Kapoor, Rhea Kapoor
Hair: Yanni Chapatori (Kareena), Hiral Bhatia (Tabu), Aasif Ahmed (Kriti)
Makeup: Mickey Contractor (Kareena), Lekha Gupta (Tabu), Adrian Jacobs (Kriti)
Assistant Stylist: Rupangi Grover
Photo Assistant: Alex Johnstone
Booking Curator: Savio Gerhart
Production: P Productions

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