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Exclusive! Not just a Bollywood debut, Iulia Vantur reveals an international action film is also on the cards | Hindi Movie News

by Joe Bourn
Iulia Vantur has been on a roll with the release of back-to-back hit tracks. Revelling in the success of her latest single ‘Main Chala’, with Guru Randhawa she spills the beans about her music career, reuniting with Himesh Reshammiya, making her long-awaited Bollywood debut and kicking off her international film debut on an action-packed note .


You’ve come such a long way in your music career. We’ve seen a lot of your videos from the recording studios. Do you have a secret project in the works?

There are many songs that we recorded over the past year, that are not out yet. Thinking about it, I was just recording and recording over the past years and many of the songs somehow got stuck in the studios. Now I feel like the door has opened and they can finally see the light of day. There are many songs that I am planning to release and hopefully, they will all go well and we will make some more music videos. So yeah! I am looking forward to it.

Are these romantic singles or are you trying out different genres?

They are all very different songs. There will be a few romantic ones as well, and one very beautiful song that I love, it is with Arjun Kanungo. It’s not actually announced as yet.

I am also working with Himesh Reshammiya. He said a few days ago that five years ago (in January), we recorded our first song together ‘Every Night and Day’, which was my first single. After all this time to be recording a song with him again, honestly, I am very grateful to him as he was one of the few people who really believed in me, supported me and encouraged me to do my best.

Can we expect you to drop an album soon?

I honestly haven’t thought about that as yet, but maybe later? Let me explore and experiment a little bit more. But yes, I would love to do it.

Everyone has been buzzing about your Bollywood debut. Can you tell us when we can expect to see you on the big screen?

Initially, I thought I would stay away from movies and keep the focus on my music, but Prem Soni convinced me to step into acting. It has been a very interesting journey and I love the experience. We shot a movie called ‘Laila Majnu’. We shot it in London and I play a foreigner. I loved the message of the movie, loved my character and felt it suited me well. The movie is ready and let’s see whatever date they decide to release it and show it to the world.

Is it the same action movie that you shared videos of, with you performing your own stunts?

That is another project that I shot in London. It is a UK production and I really enjoyed it. I love action. Anytime you tell me, come let’s do this action movie, I would do it! I love action movies and shooting action movies.

So besides a Bollywood debut, you will also be making an international acting debut?

Yeah … I haven’t thought about that, but yes!

You also had the film ‘Radha Kyon Gori Main Kyon Kaala’, is there an update on the film?

‘Radha Kyon Gori Main Kyon Kaala’ was a project I was doing with Prem Soni and he never gave up on that. It is a very beautiful story however, things did not go as smoothly, so we decided to work on another movie. But he still has that project in mind.

What’s next on the cards for Iulia Vantur?

More songs, definitely! Every day I am in the studios and rehearsals because I am preparing for the US music tour. Guru Randhawa, Kanika Kapoor and I will be traveling through 10 cities. I am very happy to join them. I know it will be an amazing experience because I loved my experience with Mika Singh. That whole interaction with the audience, to see all those people dancing and singing with you is incredible. I can not wait to experience all that again. I am also shooting a docu-series ‘Beyond The Stars’ and some music videos are all in the lineup.

Any message to all your fans?

Thank you so much for all the love you have shown our new song ‘Main Chala’. I promise to work with my heart and put my best for you to have a beautiful experience through music.

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