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Farah Khan Birthday: From Main Hoon Na To Happy New Year – Ranking of all final credits in films directed by

by Joe Bourn

No one understands commercial cinema like Farah Khan. It can pack anything in its history, get a huge star in the spotlight and some crazy pieces, it’s sorted. So far he has directed four films and except for one, all of them have become hits. This is what a reference card should look like now. Another thing that helps her films gain a wider audience and appreciation is the way she uses emotion in her stories. Whether it is the interesting link between Kirron Kher and Shah Rukh Khan Main Hoon Na or this between Deepika Padukone and Vivaan Shah Happy New Year, there is something immediately connected to you. In fact, the EQ is pouring in at the end scenes as well. Karan Johar’s Oversized Athleisure is described as a “parachute” by Farah Khan (Watch the video).

Just like the way Marvel fans wait after the end of the movie to watch the post-production scenes, so we wait for the end scenes of a Farah Khan movie. They are so good and amazing. Farah includes everyone in those few minutes who played as crucial a role in making the films as the protagonists. From the boys to the dressis given ‘, she gives everyone a few seconds of camera presence in her movies and we respect her so much for that.

So, on her birthday today, we decided to rank the final directorial sequences of all Farah Khan directors from Good to Not-good! Bad or ugly are not the words we would associate with any of these scenes at the end of her films. It is pure gold! Biographical film about the first Bollywood superstar, Rajesh Khanna, to be punished by Farah Khan – Reports.

1. Happy New Year

The sequences start with the technicians here and not with the stars. In fact, apart from Shah Rukh Khan and AbRam at the end, no other casts appear in this section. Of course, AbRam’s debut as an infant gets the award here, but the fact that the whole series is only for the people behind the camera, makes it take first place!

2. Main Hoon Na

One of the main reasons that Main Hoon Na is in second place, despite being the first of its kind, is that it does not include Suniel Shetty, Naseeruddin Shah and Kabir Bedi at the end. So minus 1!

3. Tees Maar Khan

Choosing this movie in third place may surprise some, but the final series has some really amazing moments. All crew members are included here. Imagine any role in the shooting of a movie and you will find them here. What a wonderful way to say thank you!

4. About Shanti About

About Shanti About it just seems like a repetition of what we have already seen Main Hoon Na in a different setting. Also the presentation looks quite lazy. The only good thing about these sequences is the vehicle mounts used for the crew members!

Farah Khan definitely knows how to keep her audience stuck in their seats even when the last wheels are ready!

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