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First Look at Michael Keaton’s New Batwing in The Flash Movie Merch (Photo)

by Stewart Cole

A leaked game gave fans a glimpse of the Batwing vehicle that will fly by Michael Keaton Batman in his upcoming appearance at The lightning,

Despite plenty of controversy surrounding its lead star, The lightning is still on track to be released in 2023. The film opens with Barry Allen, the fastest man alive, as he struggles with alternate timelines and versions of himself.

Also along for the ride is Michael Keaton, who will reprise his famous role as Batman. Keaton hasn’t played the character in 30 years and will be a perfect fit for the film.

And a fancy suit isn’t the only thing his Batman brings to the table. New leaked merchandise has revealed that The Dark Knight will be taking to the skies sometime soon Shine film.

Keaton’s new Batwing design revealed

A new product from toy company Spin Master has hit store shelves a little earlier than planned (via The Flash Film News at Twitter).

The toy in question is a large Batwing vehicle as seen The lightning. Check out the images below, along with a comparison to the original 1989 Batwing Batman film.

The packaging is the same color as Barry’s new super suit from the movie and includes mini figures of Flash and Batman.

The Flash Film News on Twitter

Below is the original Batwing from 1989. The new version is much more angular in appearance.

1989 Batwing
DC and Warner Bros.

Here is a scale model of the ’89 aircraft by Adam Savage Tested.

1989 Batwing model
Adam Savage has been tested

And finally, a comparison between the old and the new:

Batwing comparison
Warner Bros, The Flash Film News on Twitter

The Batwing flies again

The original Batwing, of course, appeared in a key sequence of Tim Burton’s original film, in which Batman enters during Joker’s rampage in an attempt to save Gotham City. Of course, the Joker is able to take down the Batwing and the two end up duking it out face-to-face.

So there’s apparently a reason why Keaton is using a brand new jet because the first one was badly damaged. Of course, Batman never rests on his laurels and is constantly trying to upgrade his technology, so it makes sense that he would build a new Batwing anyway.

Of course, with the Batwing in action, fans could also see the iconic Batmobile featured in both Batman and of 1992 Batman returns? Some now-deleted tweets showing staged photos from The lightning definitely point in that direction.

The lightning will hit theaters on June 16, 2023.

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