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First look at Reacher star Willa Fitzgerald’s new film

by Stewart Cole

The first trailer for Strange Lovean upcoming horror thriller starring Reacher‘s Willa Fitzgerald and Smile’Kyle Gallner was released.

Directed by JT Mollner, the film stars Fitzgerald as a traumatized woman stalked by Gallner’s relentless serial killer in the Oregon Wilderness.

In the tense new footage, Gallner’s character is seen chasing Fitzgerald in a high-speed car chase before shooting out the back window of her vehicle.

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Although she manages to escape her attacker by making a run through the woods, it’s clear that the hunt is far from over.

Strange Love also stars Better Call Saul Actor Ed Begley Jr and Black SwanBarbara Hershey.

Discussing the cat and mouse thriller with Varietysaid Mollner: “This film was kind of a dream (or nightmare) that I had to bring to life. So much about it – the colors, the music, the overall visual aesthetic and the characters were all so clear before he even shot anything.

“I really wanted it to be hell. We knew we were going to live or die with the casting, and it turns out that the performances are the pillars of this movie.”

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Fitzgerald starred as police officer Roscoe Conklin in Prime Video’s first season Reacher TV series last year, though she won’t be making an appearance in the second outing this December.

“I knew that from the beginning. I think it’s a great opportunity to tell a clean and complete story and then be able to walk away. I think it’s a unique experience on television,” he said. Digital spy.

“A lot of times, you think you’re going to get another season, and you don’t get another season, and you’re cut short. Or you think you’re going to keep doing it, and then something else intervenes.

“So it’s nice to know the company is a complete, complete product. And it was also great to be able to launch the whole Reacher world.”

Strange Love premieres on FantasticFest this week, while a wider theatrical release date has yet to be announced. Reacher Season 2 will air on Prime Video in December.


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