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free tickets to watch the latest movie with Libero De Rienzo at the cinema

by Stewart Cole

From January 20 it will be possible to see it on the big Italian screens Far awayThe new film is written and directed by Renzo Carbonera. A work that allows the audience to enjoy even the performance of the last actor Libero de RenzoThe Italian actor who passed away last summer at the age of 44. His sudden disappearance left a huge void in the hearts of ordinary people, his colleagues and the many people who were fortunate enough to approach his path.

Takeaway: Picture from the movie

160 films were released on the occasion of the release of Takeaway, which premiered at the Rome Film Festival
Free tickets
This will allow as many people as possible to watch the film for free in some cinemas located on Italian soil. Specifically, there are rooms that participate in the initiative
Rome, Turin, Milan, Naples and Bologna
, while the invitations will be distributed as follows (each will be entitled to two free tickets):

  • Rome – Minion Cinema – 20 invitations (40 tickets)
  • Naples – a very modern cinema – 30 invitations (60 tickets)
  • Turin – Green Cinema – 5 invitations (10 tickets)
  • Milan – Central Cinema – 5 invitations (10 tickets)
  • Bologna – Cinema Odeon – 20 invitations (40 tickets)

We would like to point out that tickets will be valid for any show
Thursday 20, Friday 21, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 January
. For invitations, it is necessary to request them, depending on availability, by sending an e-mail to
[email protected], specifying the day you plan to use the tickets and the alternative second day if the selected day is no longer available. Tickets can be purchased directly from the cinema box office by submission
Confirmation email, identification document and Green Pass were received

: Movieplayer.it editorial board rejects any responsibility for managing previews (including health).

The Takeaway: Carlotta Antonelli in Sequence

In the cast at Takeaway, along with Libero De Rienzo, we also find Paolo Calabresi, Carlotta Antonelli, Primo Reggiani and Anna Firouz. The following is a summary of the film: Maria is a sports walker. The pride of a father who would like to see her culminate in a dream of success. The mother is more skeptical, although Johnny, the girl’s partner almost twice her size, knows how to keep the dreams of Maria and her parents. For this reason, Johnny has a fridge full of bottles, having helped many young people with illicit substances, in the past as a sports coach. Tom is one of them and he is looking for Johnny and holds him responsible for the fact that steroids have ruined his career and health. But Tom’s plans for revenge collapse when he and Maria start a relationship and her suspicions grow, like an uncontrollable fever. Confrontation is inevitable in such a limited environment, as well as in the outside world, which is shaken by debt and bankruptcy, where the urgent need for new hope pervades..

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