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Frisson Films announces the upcoming release of the animated short film “Le Desert et la Mer”

by Stewart Cole

Frisson Films has announced the release of the full-length animated short film, “Le Desert et la Mer”. The short will be shown for free on Frisson’s social channels on January 3, 2022, at 9:00 a.m. ET.

In 2021, the film was selected as Best Animation in the Albuquerque Film & Music Experience (AFMX) and includes the visual work of Joe Bradford and Nadine Picard.

Based on Picard’s chalk drawings and poetry, “Le Desert et la Mer” is about a lonely desert dreaming of his love, the sea. The desert sends its sand to find it and together they build an island.

Frisson Films took over the project after a friend of the organization, Carole Rouffet, shared the artwork of her late mother with the group. The film combines Picard’s original designs with Bradford’s cartoons.

Since the film’s inception, Frisson co-founder and award-winning soprano Elyse Anne Kakacek said in the press release: “Carole has been a voice teacher and my friend for a number of years. I knew her mom was artistic, but when she shared this book of poetry and art with chalk with me, I was thrilled. “I brought it to my partner – a composer – and asked if he would be interested in setting it to music.”

The composer, Nathaniel Adams, wrote the music in the style of a French art song for five a cappella voices.

“When I sat down to read Nadine’s work, the words jumped out of the page,” Adams told a news conference. in music. “

Featured singers include Kakacek as soloist, Katie Seiler, Tomas Cruz, Nathaniel Adams and Jared Gravely.

Frisson Films started as an informal group when director Ryan Rivard teamed up with Kakacek to create their first film, “L’Eraclito Amoroso”. The organization has since produced four short films, with “Le Desert et la Mer” representing Frisson’s sixth.

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