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‘From Gordon Ramsay’s Cooking Class to Cat GPT Conference Suitable for Office Workers’ LG Smart TV as one of the instructors

by Pansy Robbins

LG Electronics provides a “personalized experience” to customers with diverse tastes through the quantitative/qualitative expansion of content loaded into webOS, its own smart TV platform.

This means it will capture the hearts of increasingly subdivided customers with more diverse and competitive content.

This year, LG Electronics established its TV business vision “Sync to You, Open to All” so that more customers can enjoy an excellent viewing experience tailored to individual tastes and lifestyles.

A typical example is the expansion and diversification of the “LG Channel” service, which provides content for free.

LG Channel continues to update popular content by country and receives favorable responses. In the United States, you can enjoy American football and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball, and in Europe, you can enjoy movies, movies and dramas from the popular OTT service “Rakuten TV” for free. In Korea, popular content such as “Doll Singles”, “Lone Gourmet” and “Late Night Diner” are available one month earlier than other free channels. You can enjoy about 120 free channels from LG national channels.

The number of global LG Channel subscribers has more than doubled, from around 20 million in 25 countries at the start of last year to more than 48 million in 29 countries in one year. This is the result of strengthening both the quantity and quality of content by taking into account the diverse tastes of global customers.

In addition to LG channels, webOS content such as education and sports that customers can participate, learn and enjoy are also popular.

In the new 「Masterclass (Mastercl;ass)」, you can take cooking and singing lessons with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and popular singer Mariah Carey. You can also take leadership courses taught by former US President Bill Clinton.

In 「Udemy Curation」, a global conferencing platform with 59 million students and over 200,000 lecture content, hands-on lectures and self-development lectures reflecting the latest trends such as ▲ Chat GPT ▲ Marketing ▲ Programming ▲ Business English ▲ Composition class You can also take it conveniently.

The content of exercises for “homet people” is also developing. ▲ 「Exercise」, which detects exercise posture with an AI-based camera and provides real-time feedback ▲ The world’s largest fitness franchise where you can receive daily lessons from experts in various sports such as Pilates, yoga and cycling「Xponential+” was installed recently.

Meanwhile, LG Electronics has also improved the usability of webOS so that customers can easily enjoy high-quality content. ‘webOS 23’, which was installed on smart TVs this year, can be configured freely by organizing favorite home screens according to individual accounts based on favorite apps. Personalized content is also recommended based on each account’s viewing history.

“We will continue to increase high-quality webOS content in various areas to enhance personalized customer experiences taking into account individual tastes and lifestyles,” said Byeong-Ha Cho, executive director in charge of business. HE platform from LG Electronics.

I’m an early adopter news writer.

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