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Funny Press Conferences by Indian Players Funnier than some Bollywood comedies

by Joe Bourn

Press conferences are an integral part of any sporting event. It is an important medium where athletes share updates with the general public about the team and players.

In pre-match press conferences, fans get an idea of ​​the mix of teams they can expect in the upcoming games, while post-match pressers allow them to understand the players’ assessment of the match and how they performed, things they did. in case of victory or in things they messed up, which resulted in defeat.

However, the majority of presses these days are dull and boring. We have seen many cricketers going to journaliststo ask some tough questions.

Now, sometimes journalists try to create controversy and in this case, a The player’s reaction is completely justified but sometimes they get angry just because they didn’t like the question.

That said, over the years we have seen many cricketers hit a six in the press room with their wit and humour.

In this article, we take a look at some of the the most epic press conferences which are funnier than some of the comedies we see these days.


MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni, who led India for a long time, has participated in many epic press conferences over the years. But what comes to mind when we think of his hilarious press conferences is the one during the 2015 ODI World Cup in Australia.

Dhoni was asked about his future and whether the 2015 edition would be his last major event in national colours. While others might have responded to the diary asking such a question, the fighter-kurt took it with his humor.

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In the middle of the press conference, Dhoni invited the Australian journalist to sit next to him and made him answer the question himself, which left the whole room in splits.

Dhoni initially told him that he expected such a question from an Indian reporter, not a foreigner, because then he would ask them if they had any relative who could replace him in the Indian team.

He then asked the reporter what he thought of his fitness if he wasn’t fit to play at the highest level. “No, you’re too fast,” was his reply. Dhoni then asked him if he thought he could survive till the 2019 World Cup and he replied, “I mean, definitely yes.” With a huge smile on his face, Dhoni told the guy “Then you answered the question.”

Rohit Sharma

During the World Cup 2019, India scored a convincing victory over arch-rivals Pakistan. Rohit Sharma, who scored a brilliant hundred in that match, attended the post-match presser and bowled everyone over with his humour.

A Pakistani journalist asked the Indian opener if he had any tips and advice for his counterparts from across the border.

Agar sir pakistan and coach bana the jarur bataunga. Abhi kya bataunga (If I become Pakistan’s coach, then I will definitely give them some advice. Nothing for now),” Rohit replied.

Ravindra Jadeja

Indian all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja, during a home Test series against New Zealand in 2016, was asked why young batters find it difficult to deal with spin on Indian pitches.

Jadeja tried to come up with a sensible answer, highlighting how leg marks create fear in a batsman’s mind about the crazy turn the pitch can deliver.

The southpaw almost mouthed, but checked his tongue in time to avoid embarrassment.

But the journalists caught the word that was about to come out of his mouth and they all burst out laughing.

Virat Kohli

While most players dread touring Australia, we all know how much Virat Kohli loves touring Down Under and facing the Aussies in their own backyard. The fact that some of his best knocks have come against the Australian team shows how much he enjoys playing against them.

Not just on the field, Kohli had many memorable moments against the Aussies off the field as well as during press conferences. While most of his responses were fiery, there was one instance in particular that tickled everyone’s funny bones.

During the 2014 tour, an Australian reporter asked Kohli how he motivates himself while playing against teams that don’t like to motivate him.

“You always have a few who can’t keep their cool in every team. So I have my targets,” Kohli replied which changed the whole atmosphere inside the hall.

Rohit Sharma’s Funny Dig At Reporters

After India lost to hosts England in the 2019 World Cup, a reporter asked vice-captain Rohit Sharma if India had made a mistake by fielding Rishabh Pant at number four in this match.

Instead of getting angry, Rohit took a dig at all the reporters in a way that even they enjoyed.

“Not really. I mean you all want Rishabh Pant to act, right? Just from India, you all have been asking where is Rishabh pants, where is Rishabh pants? So here he is playing at number four,” replied Rohit to huge laughter.

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