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Gerard Butler’s latest action thriller is now being filmed

by Stewart Cole

You have to hand it over to Gerard Butler. the actor and producer knows exactly what the audience wants to see from him and has set as his mission to deliver it. The stubborn Scot has nothing to do with superheroes or prestige dramas, it has to do with this medium budget running and shooting.

His most recent efforts Greenland and Copshop they saw him running steadily in his wheelhouse and also noted the best reviews he had seen in years. The 52-year-old slate is fuller than ever and he is going to mix it between sequels and original works, which mean many of the same boxes.

As well as his fourth appearance as Mike Banning Night has fallen, butler has Greenland: Immigration and a sequel to The Den of Thieves in the works, while he just recently completed the high concept actioner The plane. Without wasting time, the cameras have already started Kandahar in Saudi Arabia, which reunites him Greenland and The Angel Has Fallenby Ric Roman Waugh.

According Deadline, Butler leads the cast as CIA agent Tom Harris, who is deep in enemy territory and is forced to fight at the designated mining site as he tries to overtake and trick the local special forces unit sent to drop him off. It’s a completely standard arrangement, but we all know what to expect from Kandahar, and that’s fine with us.

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