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‘GNC Web Platform’ to be Unveiled to Be Korean Churches’ Cultural and Pastoral Calendar: Culture: The Christian Daily

by Pansy Robbins

Home page of the GNC web platform. ©Provided by Gwangya Art Ministries

Around 20 cultural ministry organizations, including Gwangya Arts Ministry (CEO Pastor Kwan-young Kim), joined forces to present a platform to provide quality content for the cultural ministry of Korean churches.

They will hold the 3rd GNC (Good New Contents) Forum, a joint forum of Christian cultural organizations, at the Gwangya Art Center located in Apgujeong on the 11th, demonstrating a “web platform” to disseminate culture and arts content Christians, and cultural. groups participating in the forum and group performances were also presented.

The forum included a dance performance by the THELO Christian dance team, a vocal performance by the classical music missionary group “Dream Life,” and a demonstration of “The Hand,” a musical based on the famous lyricist of the anthem “Penny Crosby”. were performances such as wilderness. In addition, “Cheonghyeonjae”, a missionary calligrapher, also presented a transcript of the sermon to the participants on site, and the latest film “Free Chulsoo Lee” from Connect Pictures, which distributes high-quality Christian films including “Church Oppa” , was projected.

Additionally, they used GNC’s “web platform” on site. The web platform was created with the aim of “becoming a calendar that showcases the ministries and contents of cultural ministry organizations to the Korean religious community.” They planned to release 21 high-quality contents and contact details of relevant ministry organizations so that local churches and Christians could access them easily and conveniently. An official said: “The web platform is still in beta. »

GNC Web Platform. A variety of content is available to the public. ©Provided by Gwangya Art Ministries

Hwang Ye-chan, producer of “All Church Friends Gather,” which Web Platform Design participated in, said about the production of “Web Platform”: “The 21 teams do very diverse work. “We focused on expressing each person’s individuality and charm,” he said, adding: “We put a lot of effort into meeting the demands of the participating teams.”

Missionary Seongin Yoon, general director of Wilderness, said of the “GNC Forum”: “It stopped because of the coronavirus. This is the 3rd forum resumed after 3 years. The biggest concern was that episodes 1 and 2 were made with 3-4 representative contents. “It was good, but in the third session we had concerns about something new and we distributed the related information in PDF format, but the usability was very poor,” he said. “So we thought it would be nice to create a platform on the web. “There was a lot more content while we were preparing, but we narrowed it down to about 20 pieces of content that we could share with in depth.”

He continued: “Today we released a sort of beta version. “It’s not finished yet, but I think the fact that the web platform has been officially launched is significant in itself,” he said.

He said: “The subject is wilderness, but this was organized with supportive teams. Each organization paid a fixed monthly fee and prepared at its own expense. “We didn’t have enough funds because we didn’t receive support, but we came together because we thought it would be good to do meaningful work like this for solidarity among the next generation and the Korean Church. »

He continued: “The biggest difficulty was that each organization was busy with its ministry, so preparing for the forum was not easy. It’s not easy to form a union. However, we also enjoy many blessings through unity.

A performance by Dream Life, a classical music missionary group. ©Provided by Gwangya Art Ministries

Missionary Yoon said, “We have collected about 20 pieces of content, but this is the first time we are distributing them via the web. The beginning is a bit weak. (We avoid getting too big.) However, we hope to become a cultural content platform that Korean churches trust, and through this we hope to further spread cultural ministries among Korean churches.

A total of 20 different genres of gospel content, artists, cultural spaces and events recommended by the GNC family participate in the “GNC Web Platform”. △Christian dance: PK, Thelo △Children’s musical: His Show △Gathering: Dream Life, Nehyemiya M △Calligraphy: Cheong Hyeon-yi △Mall: LOA, Wise Men △Praise concert: Phrase Gathering, Big Choir, Song Ministry △ Film: ‘Free Cheolsu Lee’ (Church Brother) △ Cinema: Film Forum △ Venue: Gwangya Art Ministry △ Cafe: Step Back, A Rise Cafe △ Gospel Musical: The Book, Book of Revelation △ Education: Next M , Baum House △Youth camp: friends of the Church meet, etc.

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